Chillhop/ lofi beats for your day

Chillhop/ lofi beats for your day


hello everyone, I created a playlist with all my favorite chill tunes of the moment and I'll constantly refresh it to help you face the day in the best possible way, stay relaxed and check it out!!! Love u

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Hi @Francesco17,

Wow.. Awesome Chill Tunes Mate.. Nailed It.. Really Enjoyable, Refreshing And As Well As Relaxing Too.. Kudos Mate..

With Regards,
Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

Thanks mate, my pleasure is to help people find new music, new artist to get in touch with, make some friends, exchanging new ideas and know how. Stay relaxed!

Hi Francesco,

You Are Always Welcome..

RH - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan


Hello there, dropped a like!

Hopefully, you're doing well.
Got a few nice songs I've made for you to listen to, if you like it then please add it to your playlist and possibly follow TooGoodForTV as more songs are coming out soon. If not then it's still a pleasure for you to take the time to listen to some of them 🙂
Much love,

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