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Christian music


Christian music

I'm not a "christian music only" guy.  But I do work at a church in the music department and it would help me a ton if there were some Christian music catagories for looking at new and trending music.  Not a single app or anywhere on spotify is there a listing for christian music....why is that?




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Try the site - it specializes in christian artists and playlists on Spotify.

There is now an app for this too !



I just created a playlist, "Sacred Steel". Might not be to your liking, but it is faith based.

How about posting a link to it here ?

Sorry, I'm new to this and didn't know I could/should add a link. Thanks to hpguru, I now know how:


Sacred Steel.


Hope you all like it.

If you are interested in Christian Hardstyle, you should check this playlist:

I made a playlist for personal devotion time. To soak and pray.

Here's my worship playlist! It's got a variety of genres and styles of music

Favorite bands: Keane, Two Door Cinema Club, Muse, Needtobreathe

Dear Mysticwolf

Just tried to use the 3 different linkmethods on your playlist. Hope you find it helpfull.

// Poul Erik


The playlist-link is the same as you can copy from the URL in the webplayer


Playlist link (the one you use)


I dont think you can get these two from the webplayer, but only from the app/program:


URI (i tryied to insert the text :small at the end)



Embed code



Newly became Rising Star.
Not yet experienced, but willing to learn.
If i can help, don't hesitate to ask. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a playlist from when I was studying the Old Jewish Feasts. This one is from Yom Kippur, so it focuses on the imagery of Jesus as the Lamb of God, rather than a literal lamb to be sacrificed for sin. It tends to be more traditional in style, with a couple selections from other styles.



~Soli Deo Gloria~
* If you see a single asterisk like before this sentence, it most likely denotes sarcasm.

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

Classical Musicians Unite!

You should try listening to my Christian Jams Playlist I add all the newest christian songs frequently

I love your christian music playlist on Spotify. Any chance I can make a request for addition to the playlist? There is new great artist named Gunem and his Oceans remix is amazing! Give it a thought, I'd love to see it on your playlist! any chance you would consider adding this song to it? Thank you very much! Keep it up

Done. And thanks!

Hey bud, can you add this new artist Gunem on your playlist?


I have spent a lot of time looking for some good christian stuff and its hard. Here some of the best I have found so far.

Here is some good Christian EDM!


1. "--FUSE" is a playlist meant for Youth Groups and such, and features a broad variety of Christian EDM.
2. "|2NIGHT|" is a playlist meant for Dance Parties, and features mostly just "Jump all night" Christian EDM.
3. "CHiLLAX" is a playlist of unique chill Christian house.
If you like the music, be sure to follow me, and check out some of my other playlists.
Enjoy! -Nathan

Do you know who manages this playlist?

Which one? Mine?

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