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Christian music


Christian music

I'm not a "christian music only" guy.  But I do work at a church in the music department and it would help me a ton if there were some Christian music catagories for looking at new and trending music.  Not a single app or anywhere on spotify is there a listing for christian music....why is that?




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What's your name on the playlists?

My Spotify name is theprogrammingird. Hey, just so we're not spamming this thread, private message me if you have anything else you want to say. 🙂 

Here is my new Christian folk/worship playlist:


It's just a very relaxing playlist of worship, and folk.

If you need something outside of the conventional christian genre , here is a Christian R&B playlist . It has some new and old songs up to 2016 .

Here are a few Christian playlists that I listen to daily -

First is some indie alternative chill pop type music-

Next is some rock music - hard and alternative mix -

Followed by some chill instrumental hip hop beats for studying or background music -

Lastly, some Americana / folk type music to spice up any camping or river trips you might be going on!

Hope you find something you enjoy!
Soli Deo Gloria!

Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but here's some suggestions for songs:

Not an overtly Christian artist, but I do touch the topic on some of my songs...


and my previous band, North, also had some spiritual overtones and even quoted scripture in the lyrics at times...


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Hey! I love music, all kinds, but am also always looking for some good Christian artists. I'm not too much help on the app front, but I've posted my playlist, hopefully you like it 🙂


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I'm late on the reply, but if you (or someone else) is interested, I made a list with all possible genres inside the christian music industry. It varies from folk to classical to death metal, you name it. It got so big I had to split it into two playlists though. 

I love to put it on shuffle and discover new things. 


NathanBird, I love Tow'rs and The Brilliance! So great 🙂 

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I am a Christian Hip-Hop/Soul artist! I'd love for you to check out my work!



AYYY I love your music

Hi I'm not sure if you like epic Christian music, but maybe you could take a listen to this and follow if you like it, thanks!

Hi, please follow if you like this new song playlist 🙂

Hi all, as you’re discussing Christian music and where to find it - there was a Christian genre on Spotify that has recently been removed in some territories, including Australia and New Zealand (where I live). To help us get it restored search for ‘Christian Genre bring it back to the genre page’ in this community ... you’ll find it under ideas and can vote for it. Thanks 🙂

Hi there! This is a catchy and beautiful song that i strongly recommend. It's indie folk by one of my favorite indie bands 🙂 hope you enjoy

Hi again Christian music lovers ... we’re just 5 votes short (100 needed) of getting our request heard to restore the Christian genre in New Zealand and Australia - and maybe other places too.


Will you help us out by voting now at


Just one click to vote is all it takes, thanks!


We don’t know why it was removed here, but we hope this will help bring it back 🙂

Hey all, this thread started a few years back and maybe you’ve noticed there is a Christian genre, but it was removed recently - at least in Australia and here in New Zealand. (We believe it’s still available in the US).


So we’re asking Christian music lovers to vote on an ideas post (even though its not a new idea!) to have it reinstated:


We’e already at 130+, so more than the 100 needed to have Spotify look into it - but every vote still counts!

You had me at Robert Randolph...

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