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City Pop (Japanese 80s; Soul, Funk & Jazz vibes)


City Pop (Japanese 80s; Soul, Funk & Jazz vibes)


City Pop 5.jpegHey there! I'm curating a City Pop (Japanese 80s) playlist. City pop has soul, funk, pop and jazzy elements to it. The weird thing is that it will make you feel nostalgic even though you probably haven't heard these tunes before. I hope you enjoy it! 

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Hi,Iove them all!!!

I am a Japanese artist and released the song yesterday.80's vibe going but I made this in a modern way I hope you like it!!!


Thank you so much.

Taichi Ro


Taichi Ro - Masquerade Dancing





I am happy u love 80s city pop.

I am Japanese and listened to those music in 80s & 90s.

During busy life, I forgot those songs and in this Jan, radio program recommended the below playlist and I fed tears. It's sophisticated, cool and nostalgic.


Hope u love this playlist.

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