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Colombian Style


Colombian Style

Hey there! I introduce you guys, my playlist, of (in my opinion) the best and the most talented songs from my country, Colombia! There are songs you might have heard before since they were internationally released and were a hit outside Colombia but there are others that were never released internationally but they were the greatest hits in its time, unfortunately most of them have been forgotten but can be easily reminded at least! You will see that the 98% of the songs are old (specially from the early-mid 2000s) well it's because the 2000s were the golden age of music in Colombia, the 2000s were an era of mostly tropipop and rock (The 90s was popular as well, but i do not know much about 90s Colombian songs because i was born in 1998 so i dont remember living in the 90s and unfortunately hit songs are very quickly forgotten here). So there are just like 2 songs from this decade, in my opinion Colombian music has just lost its style and i feel most of the singers of the recent years just sing to get money and not to express their feelings.

There are other music genders i didnt include, such as salsa and vallenato, which they have been historically popular here. I didn't include them because i just don't find those genres of my kind, not saying they are bad tho.

Anyways, i said too much xD, here's the playlist, hope you enjoy it!

PS: Whoever who can remind me more songs from my country will be appreciated!



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