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Come drop your playliSt and lusten to mine


Come drop your playliSt and lusten to mine


MUST LISTEN TO THIS QUALITY PACKED PLAYLIST!! RnB Playlist that's soothing to your ears. Quality music is only chosen. Made for WOMEN and men theres a lot of female artist that you can listen featuring rappers in their song. I HIGHLY recommend this song but try not playing in shuffle cause the playlist is set from low energy song to higher and higher until party songa

of rihanna like songs. Will surely enjoyed by you All! DROP YOURS AND ILL FOLLOW 2. Comment me if i should replace intro songs of drake.  

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indie music with soft beats



indie/alternative songs that are energetic and upbeat






stoner music


your playlists look awesome! i see lots of familiar artists in each one, all are followed 🙂 if you feel inclined check out my playlists!
- vibey indie tunes
- indie rock
- summer vibes

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