Cover song playlist

Cover song playlist

I've put together a list of cover songs, mostly pop, punk and rock covers of popular hits.


If you like hearing 80's hits done a little differently, then here you go.


Everything from MxPx's Take On Me to Alien Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal to an amazing rendition of Are Friends Electric by An Pierle.. i've tried to only include the worthwhile songs..

Also hope i posted this correctly. Joy.

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hey, this is awesome! i'll definitely be checking out a lot of these songs. here's my covers playlist:



I'll definitely give both those playlists a listen, hear some different stuff.

Hope you enjoy my cover The Kinks classic tune "Lola" and add to your playlist. 


Lola (Kinks Cover by Drew Barrett)





Hi! Maybe you like also our version of Simple Minds "Don't You - Forget About Me".

Take a listen to it:


Have a nice day!


Gladly! Thanks for letting me know! Good luck!

Great playlist! Another two nice covers that would definitely fit in there imo would be "Where Is My Mind" and "Daddy Cool" from Placebo 


Take a listen:


Have a nice weekend you all! 


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