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Create a playlist with artists with <1000 followers


Create a playlist with artists with <1000 followers

Hi! I would like create a playlist with artists that have less of <1000 followers, I love music and I want to know new artists.

We are artist too! we are Red Moonrise and these are our songs:


follow us:

26 Replies

Hello, nice playlist! Could you please add my latest release? Thank you!

Hey I love this idea! I'm a rapper/singer with chill vibes and I only have around 20 followers currently on spotify. Here's a track if you're interested in adding it to your playlist! It's one of my favorites.

hey There! Here’s a song of mine I did last year! 🙂 

I love this idea!! I'm Miss iPad and I have a new EP coming out on Valentines Day!! Please check out this song and consider adding my new music to your playlists/library!

I just added your song

I just added your song

Thanks for the initiative! 🙂 


Here's sad nostalgic song that has a glimmer of hope. Hope you'll like it!



Here is an upbeat rock & roll, road-trip song to a favorite vacation destination, The Florida Keys, titled “Down to the Keys. 

Hope you enjoy and add to your playlist. Down to the Keys

Checkout Ladychild's single "Out of Breath". I think it fits right in with your style and would be a perfect add for your playlist!

The last two submissions have been added! Follow my playlist, please!

this is my playlist with all your songs that  you have shared. If you follow the playlist I will very glad to you!

We definitely don't have too many followers for this list haha if anyone enjoys our EP and wants to throw us a follow that'd be awesome.

Maybe you could give this little number some exposure. We added you to our 2019 Indie Darling Playlist (Ego). Not saying you owe us. 😉

Thanks , Jack, The Skunkmen

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