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Creative Cover Songs — Obscure Remakes of Classic Cuts…


Creative Cover Songs — Obscure Remakes of Classic Cuts…

The great thing about music is that it’s virtually unlimited. Talented musicians will always have fun creating amazing new works of art. And, take what came before them, update it, add to it, change it around, and make it into something new & remarkable.


This playlist highlights cool cover songs, from various time periods & genres, which recreate famous songs into something all together unique & exciting. Listen to stirring songs, mostly dope instrumental Funk versions of iconic originals, played by some of today’s funkiest acts.


You'll hear funky Reggae versions of Hip-Hop classics, soulful instrumentals of The Beatles, and much more. Click to get more Spotify playlists with cool covers, as well as some on YouTube (inlcuding 1 hilarious video of a Rick James cover), and learn about the brilliant bands getting creative with their cover versions.


Get into creative cover songs by Funk bands...Get into creative cover songs by Funk bands...






3 Replies

@FunkishAudio Another quality playlist lost in here to the masses who like nothing and can't bring themselves to comment on somebody else's work, good luck with it shame no one on here appreciates it.

Maybe they'll see the light someday 😉

Very cool. Can I recommend this track?

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