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Curated Playlists

The streaming era has opened the door for music lovers to create their own long form musical experiences. Like the pleasure of an LP but crafted by the listener. Like a DJ mix but without the pressure of a live audience. 

Share and discuss your long play, sequenced, curated playlists here. 

To kick things off, here’s a nostalgic 90s focused summer playlist perfect for driving to and from the beach:

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ooo love the soul vibes, great for starting off a beach day too. Here is a dance and grooves playlist I made to get me through law school.

22 hours! Wow!! Have you intended it to be listened, start to finish, as a single listening experience?

Haha definitely not, but it is curated in a sequenced way because I added specific songs/music that were either trending or that I thought were the best from trending tracks. Of course some are old, but they are just sprinkled in.

Future Garage playlist for everyone who likes Burial, Vacant, Sorrow, Volor Flex and more 

Deep Ambient playlist for everyone who likes deep atmospheric Ambient 

Deep and Melodic House music 

Dark Jazz, Noire Jazz, Ambient Jazz 

Slowcore / Chillwave for everyone who likes deep vocal tracks

Study beats great for chill, relax and study

Nice post! I like to see there are like minded people who put time and effort into curation and put playlists together that should be played in track order> I've been running a playlist series on Spotify called Beach Bar Boutique and have just released my 21st Volume and have amassed over 21k followers over the playlists since it's inception. Hope you enjoy!


i made this based on music on mtv that was popular in the 90s,

includes lots of rock, some hip hop and some rnb:


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For me a well curated playlist is the best way to feel the most specific emotions in the most soul destroying way. My playlists tend to focus on a situation and the overwhelming emotions i felt in that moment.


there's glitter on the floor after the party 

Focusing on the feeling after a night of friends, joy (and alcohol). As the memories slip into a bottle of wine, this is how i reminisce.



i've been having a hard time adjusting 

Based on the lyric from this is me trying by Taylor Swift, this playlist focuses on the feeling of being unable to cope with change. For me, it encompasses my worst moments where i'm left wondering "am I good enough?"


i love you but i do not like you

Focusing on loving a person for who they are but hating the way they treat you, this playlist makes me sob (lol). It recognises that if anyone else treated you that way you would dislike them, but yet you love them. I hope you enjoy 🙂


What kinda of music 🎶  are you looking  to be put in your ▶️  Playlist I got another track that I am releasing  soon that might work the pre-strem link is below.



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