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[DISCO] Post your Disco playlist here (new playlist DiScOgRaPhY80)


[DISCO] Post your Disco playlist here (new playlist DiScOgRaPhY80)

Well we have a Soul and Jazz thread, a Reggae thread and many a Rap thread so I think a Disco one is required. A much maligned genre thanks to the saturation of it in the American music industry in the late 70's culminating in the blowing up of 1000's of records at Comiskey Park in Chicago in 1979. But good disco was just uptempo Soul music for dancing not cheesy remakes or over orchestrated pop music. Real disco is all about the drums, four to the floor drum beat which had its roots in early Soul and Funk. Disco never really went away either just changed to Boogie and then onto House music, over the next few months in this thread you will hear all the styles, so if it's your thing subscribe to the thread, if you enjoy it leave a nice comment and follow the playlist and more importantly if you've got something to contribute then share in the comments.

The first playlist to start us off is some of the tracks that preceded what most people know as Disco, what most music critics call Proto Disco and then through to 1975, before it all took of and we started to see the Disco versions of every tune imaginable, but don't be fooled there was some amazing music onwards from then to that you will hear soon.


Recently posted Disco from 76 and a Earl Young special, some other great compilations from other Community members can be found here also.

As usual with my 'What is Soul' playlist's I try not to repost, so some songs won't be on here that you might expect to be they will come later or have already been posted and each of my playlists have been curated to blend together and every song compliment each other, so set your crossfade to full and enjoy the music.


Disco from 1980 volume 2 this week..

52 Replies

Good idea to start a disco thread! What i like about this playlist is the music knowledge of the creator of it, the tracks give a good preview of what disco would become. I also found some new tracks on it i never heard before.


Here is my contribution to the disco thread. One of my first playlists i have made. I wanted to collect the less known tracks in the disco and boogie genre. Here it is:




My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

@petersspotify edited by WhatisSoul to include embed link


Thanks for staring this topic. I love disco (among a lot of other genres). Still figuring out how this forum works but here's the playlist



 Thanks for the tip @Jazzwhatever


Rare & Forgotten 70s Disco Vinyl Case

Lost and found disco classics for crate diggers and the nostalgic. 31 tracks and hunting for more. Rare & Forgotten 70s Disco Vinyl Case contains tracks from Lamar Thomas, Carol Williams, Love Committee, Nightlife Unlimited and beyond. Keep dancing and enjoy.

player - blender - collector

Can you post the link to the playlist?

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever


player - blender - collector

Earl Young where would Disco be without him, if you know him you'll enjoy the playlist below if you don't have a read of the blog here and then enjoy the music, its not all Disco genre but I think it tells a story of how we got to the genre much like the first playlist posted.






Following on from Proto Disco 68-75 comes the sounds of the 10'000 Discothequès across the USA in 1976.





80s Disco Vault: PM

Disco warm-up with tracks from the 80s. A curated playlist perfect for the nostalgic, crate diggers and flirters with tracks from Kenny Burke, Ingram, Cameo and more. Dance into the night and enjoy 3 hrs. of early disco. Updated regularly.




player - blender - collector

Some great tracks on there @petersspotify, Disco never really died did it, some great music makes in the 80's.

This playlist captures the distinctive sound of Studio 54, NYC in the late 70s with familiar and rare tracks from Rare Pleasure, Universal Robot Band, Silver Connection and more. Enjoy another 7 hrs. of pure disco.

player - blender - collector

Here's mine. Just classic DISCO.

None of rare or forgotten tracks.



Follow me

Thanks for contributing @BenitoKCM



Some great music on there, lots of the tracks featured on playlists I have yet to post, as I'm continuing to try and go year by year, so next up for me is 1977, I'll post it up in a couple of weeks as I try to fit them into my weekly 'What is Soul' playlist and I have a few to post before that, but 77 was the year Studio 54 opened so it will feature lots of tracks played there and lots of the better underground clubs of the time like the Gallery, I can see you know your Disco history so would be well aware musically 54 wasn't the happening place just the biggest over the top embellishment of some of the parts of Disco people got soon sick of. If you haven't read already Tim Lawrence's book 'Loves saves the day' excellent historical record of the time.

Yisssss disco. Old and new, I both love it! Personal favorites are:
- The Whispers - And The Beat goes on

- CHIC - Good Times
- Berry Juice - A Real Mother
- Peza - Do You Have Any?


@wappelsap Some good music in the playlist, a few I've not heard of, first track by Bileo a personal favourite of mine.

@user-removed Wrong thread I think for this one, I wouldn't call it a Disco playlist, we are trying to keep it true to its original sound, music from 70-80's.


why don't you create a NuDisco thread ?

Proto and early Disco from around 68-1975






Yes it's definitely a mixed bunch, I personally like to keep theme to mine, is classic disco, Nu disco or modern House with a disco feel and for a good playlist I wouldn't repeat artist too many times, as good as Crazy P is I would limit the tracks in the playlist, hope you find plenty in here to add to future lists, another coming from me on Friday so check back in. Good luck

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