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[DISCO] Post your Disco playlist here (new playlist DiScOgRaPhY80)


[DISCO] Post your Disco playlist here (new playlist DiScOgRaPhY80)

Well we have a Soul and Jazz thread, a Reggae thread and many a Rap thread so I think a Disco one is required. A much maligned genre thanks to the saturation of it in the American music industry in the late 70's culminating in the blowing up of 1000's of records at Comiskey Park in Chicago in 1979. But good disco was just uptempo Soul music for dancing not cheesy remakes or over orchestrated pop music. Real disco is all about the drums, four to the floor drum beat which had its roots in early Soul and Funk. Disco never really went away either just changed to Boogie and then onto House music, over the next few months in this thread you will hear all the styles, so if it's your thing subscribe to the thread, if you enjoy it leave a nice comment and follow the playlist and more importantly if you've got something to contribute then share in the comments.

The first playlist to start us off is some of the tracks that preceded what most people know as Disco, what most music critics call Proto Disco and then through to 1975, before it all took of and we started to see the Disco versions of every tune imaginable, but don't be fooled there was some amazing music onwards from then to that you will hear soon.


Recently posted Disco from 76 and a Earl Young special, some other great compilations from other Community members can be found here also.

As usual with my 'What is Soul' playlist's I try not to repost, so some songs won't be on here that you might expect to be they will come later or have already been posted and each of my playlists have been curated to blend together and every song compliment each other, so set your crossfade to full and enjoy the music.


Disco from 1980 volume 2 this week..

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Are you looking for a playlist containing nearly a full 24hrs of Disco tunes? Then this is the playlist for you.


The Disco scene is often seen as unoriginal and played out - this is mainly because it's the same 10 Disco tracks that get played on the radio/at family weddings. This playlist is the outcome of nearly 5 years of digging for the funkiest and rarest tunes, and ranges from the classics that everyone knows and loves, to some of the rarest unreleased tracks/B-sides that spotify has to offer.


@penfifteen Good list. Only i would focus on compiling it with only the unknown tracks. Now its a bit of all kinds of disco (classics and rarities). And a track by Moodymann. 🙂 It needs some finetuning, but overall good selection.

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1978 and Disco music as the style of R&B was named in 1977 was reaching it's peak and with all genres the music industry did everything it could to make every penny it possibly could put of something new and this year floods of releases of trashy, soulless and parody Disco records flooded the market but amongst that some of the best ever Soulful club/dance music which is basically what Disco is, it existed before it had a name and it carried on after some folk decided it had died something in 1979.


One of my favourite songs was released in this year, the fantastic Gladys Knight track remixed by the legend that is Walter Gibbons, 'It's better than a good time'. 


Have a listen and and see if any of your favourites are on it and remember like all my playlists the tracks are programmed to blend together like a DJ Mix using Spotify crossfade settings on full.


After Proto Disco, then Disco76, Disco77 and 78, the journey into classic and underground Disco continues into 1979.


The Best from the 70s decade of Disco and Funk.

As a former DJ on this decade i think this is the most danceable tracks from the 70s.

It started with an two hour list and has now 166 tracks and nearly thirteen hour of good danceable music. Enjoy and dance, dance dance...

If you have any suggestions for songs just give me a tip.



Volume two two of my search for classic and underground Disco from 1979, set your crossfade settings to full and enjoy the music.



Continuing the discography of Spotifys Disco vault, with the last playlist from the 70's with volume two of 1979, all the best classic and underground sounds. 





Disco veteran? Give this a try. I guarantee you'll find a ton of new tracks to love, as well as some already loved classics.

@penfifteen Don't mean to be rude but no I found nothing new in the playlist, if you maybe took time to check out the playlist that are in the thread you would see much more Disco away from the mainstream, yes there's some great tracks in your list but not going to surprise anyone with a chart hit 'give it up' as the first track and Abba and Bee Gees are you really. Thanks for contributing anyway and if it's your era and you've got the knowledge how about coming back with something someone who wasn't around at the time might of missed, come on surprise me.


This is a mix of that kind of groovy/funky vibe I absolutely love. A lot of this is Nu Disco, Future Disco, etc... And the rest is closely related (at least in the VIBE)


Volume one one of my search for classic and underground Disco from 1980, curated to blend together using Spotifys crossfade settings.


Volume two of my search for classic and underground Disco from 1980, as always set to blend together using Spotifys crossfade settings, Enjoy..


New, rare and forgotten funky disco from the Spotify vaults. Upbeat tracks that keeps moving. Keep discovering

player - blender - collector
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My playlist :


I love soul, funk & disco. But my son is crazy about it... That's a miracle for me. 


My son made oldschool mixes on his reel to reel tape deck. Analog with real cutting.


keep the fire burning...
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I would be glad to follow you on Spotify. I enjoy checking out all types of new music. 


It's a disco thread, is this disco ?

If you and your son are into Disco, have you actually checked out the playlists I have compiled here ?

Some quality tracks on the playlist, have you checked out the ones I have already posted up on this thread

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