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Dance Music for Kids


Dance Music for Kids

I've been building this playlist of profanity-free dance music for children since before Spotify when I was making mix CD's for work (teacher) in the aughties. Every single song lyric on this list has been personally checked by me to make sure it is safe for 99% of kids to listen to without parents wincing at inappropriate content. My standards:


  1. No profanity


  1. No love songs except the gentlest kind  (eg family, humanity)


  1. No violence.


  1. No drugs or alcohol.


Perfect for mixed groups of kids (like at summer camp, pre-school, daycare) ages 5-12. Just hit shuffle for hours without worry about the curse words that so many modern songs have.  Hit shuffle and don't worry about parents walking in and hearing a song that you think is fine because it's on the oldies station but it's all about drinking or **bleep**.

All the songs are dance songs too. Or at least upbeat/happy. No slow songs. So when you have 15 or 100 kids in a field bouncing a giant ball in the air, just hit shuffle and the kids can keep their bounce going.

About half this playlist is Kidz Bop. But it's 2000 songs, so there are enough songs to appease that group of kids who hate Kidz Bop but who won't admit that they hate it cuz they listen to it all the time.


Every upbeat genre is represented here: hiphop, rock, electronic, metal, comedy, tv theme songs, Spanish, Korean, et al. and the eras covered are from Lil Stevie to Lil Nas X.


I have learned the hard way that just turning off the Allow Explicit Content button doesn't work. Also, many Spotify playlists of kids music are either baby music (Mother Goose) or not curated for inappropriate  content. Even asking kids if a song they want to hear has cursewords in it doesn't work because they forget, lie or just have too wide a variety of definitions for cussword. Trust in this playlist. Or at least msg me if I missed a curseword somewhere.


I update about once a month, usually when a new kids’ movie soundtrack comes out.

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