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Deathcore, Deathmetal, Djent, Metalcore, Hardcore, Post Hardcore, Screamo


Deathcore, Deathmetal, Djent, Metalcore, Hardcore, Post Hardcore, Screamo

Deathmetal, Deathcore, Djent, Metalcore, Hardcore, Post Hardcore, call it whatever you want. For those of you who likes Heavy Stuff! One song per band, a great way to discover new stuff!

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Sick playlist! thanks for sharing.

Thank you my friend!!

What a great list buddy! Some real bangers on here and some new artists for myself to discover. Hope you had the chance to check out Bury Tomorrows new stuff aswell. Some songs from them should fit in exactly right.

If you would like to check out something that might fit aswell, feel free to check out this band!

I'm adding your band to my playlist :)!


Hey hope I’m not late but check my band we just released a EP a few weeks ago

From the darkest depths of the North, CUT SHORT are exploding onto the scene with a sound like no other metal presence around. Their unique blend of raw emotion and ferocious hooks have left music fans with a firm stomp between the eyes, yet mesmerised by their entrancing atmospherics. Comparisons could be made to the likes of Heart of a Coward and Northlane, but they also possess flair and energy that’s distinctly their own.


Add my my HalfLink - Perseus

My band AVIIRA would love to be on this playlist! 

The title track from our new EP 'Relentless' would probably be best suited.

Here's the Spotify link:

sorry for the late reply. But if you are looking for deathcore then give Distant a spin and add it to your playlist! You will surely like it 🙂

Hey there! Killer playlist! Certainly a lot of great bands on their I have on regular rotation.  I wondered if you might consider a song from our band BASTIAN to add to list?


Here is our Spotify link :


 Thank you for your consideration in advance 🤓


feel free to take some off mine, there’s some great uk band you don’t have listened and the other Betraying the Martyrs you haven’t listed 😉 ha ha (after all they are the only band that have ever nailed deathcore properly)

Pretty sick playlist dude!

If you want to check out some new bands... my band FEEDING THE WOLVES is grateful for every stream!

That is one **bleep** of a playlist mate!


Think my band's new single would fit right in there, would be absolutely great!

Check this new Progressive Metal Band!


my band released their first album ‚No Return‘ 

and this is the title track. 

Give it a listen and maybe add it to your playlist if you like it. 

thanks 🙂

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