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Discover unique, fresh and innovative indie music!


Discover unique, fresh and innovative indie music!

Hi everyone! Do you want to discover fresh, unique, and innovative songs from promising indie artists who deserve more attention? Then I think my playlist "Undiscovered Indie Treasures" is the right place to be. Every Friday I add 20 new songs from indie artists who make great music that deserves to be heard by more people. I am looking to grow this playlist organically over time, the more organic followers, the better it is for all the indie artists getting added! I would be really grateful if you'd like to help me! If you have a playlist or a song you want me to check out, let me know!! Stay safe! - Ben(panoramamusic)

Here's the playlist link:

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This was needed. Thanks for posting. I have one, not exactly on the same line as yours. But should work. Hope you'll find it interesting. 


Thank you! I'll definitely follow your playlist and give it a try!


How are u?
I'm a pretty enthusiastic-Spotifier, I am using it both for listening to music and distributing my own music. I am again a bit more active trying to get my music to playlists, so if you find my song in line with your taste and playlist, please add me:) I feel I could suit your playlist, I do not want to trashmsg anyone, so please forgive me, if I am too direct 😄 I followed your playlist and am listening to it:)!

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