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Do you have new songs/genres for me?


Do you have new songs/genres for me?

Hello Community
I listen to a lot of music and always come across new genres that I really like. Currently I hear a lot of future bass/ techno/ Lofi beats. I was wondering if you still have something in the direction where you think you need to know the song or an artist!
I am open for all genres except classical music and metal!

I prefer emotional music 😛

Surprises me! I am curious.

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Also this, I love throwing this on in the background if people are over.

Hello I currently released my new single "Love" A soul type vibe track
Which is available on Spotify if you don't mind you can take a listen and
maybe consider adding me on your spotify playlists Thank You


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Emotional And uprising track is called Lovely Injecton.  give it a swirl !

Thanks but the sounds are too aggressive! Great production anyways!

Thanks for that! Liked some tracks of it! Definitly gonna listen to some of them for a while!

Have a great day Sir!

Thanks! The beats are what I searched for!

Love it! Very calm!

Thanks for that!

**bleep**! Danke man! Favorit!

I have this new singles in case you find something you can enjoy


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Hey, check out my single I think it'll be right up your street! 

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