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Drop a saaad playlist ;(


Drop a saaad playlist ;(

Here's mine I update it every now and then, it has a variety of different artist although it overall matches the sad vibe, check it out or whatever...


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Maybe it is not that "sad" but I think you'll like it

loved these, just followed them all! here's mine ❤️

Its a really good playlist! Also, i was wondering if you could add one of my songs to your playlist. 


Its called "Valentine" and was dropped on valentine lol.

Although most of my songs are about an unrequited love, i think my song "High Up" would fit the best on this playlist.

Yeah, so I went ahead & added both the valentine alongside the high up songs to the playlist. They're really good they match the vibe pretty well. Also I checked out some of your other music it's up there a lot of potential in it. Anyway stay up & keep chasin' you'll get there.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
If you ever wanna chat or something dm me on instagram @bxpolar Im really
big into mental health so i became a therapist for alot of people.

For sure happy to help, & im not much of the instagram type thanks thou. It's good to hear that there are still people out there tryna build others up.


Just followed your playlist. It has some really good songs plus i love the name lol.


If u want more sad music, check my playlist. Its a sad/chill playlist being updated everyday💜

Just created a melancholic little playlist a few days ago.

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