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This playlist contains the songs from Ariana Grande's Positions (Deluxe) Album, and I absolutely love it!

My favorite songs are Positions, pov, off the table (with The Weeknd), motive (with Doja Cat), test drive, and just like magic.

This is the playlist of all the songs I've liked in February so far. 


The best Playlist I have created for sure. 

Nostalgic and mostly postivie vibe. Starts with bangers from 2000s and ends with songs released more recently. I'd appreciate it if you would check it out guys. 

Hi!! I love yours, I just liked it! Here is mine, I think its a similar kinda vibe, I would love if you would check it out!

a specially curated playlist with rnb favourites featuring some alternative and indie sounds!

The UK's finest trapwave and melodic rappers. 60 track playlist. **Curated by @EbenezerFTP** (On all social media) I am a music reviewer in the UK who began their journey on Twitter and has worked/been working with some pretty cool notable figures as well as the music community as a whole.


Playlist Cover = Billy Billions from UK Drill Collective 98s

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