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๐ŸŽง - Drop your playlist and view others - ๐ŸŽง

Drop your playlists here!!

Also follow other playlists you like.


I follow for follow if you like this message and like/follow my playlist!


*Only drop your Best Playlist! *


this is my pride


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Hey, I liked the post and liked/followed your playlist and account!


Here's my best playlist, it's pretty hardcore though lol lmk if you dig it:

thats a lot of playlists

A vaste & tastefull compilation of the more melodic, synth-driven kind.
A melancholic BEST OF well- and lesser known INTERNATIONAL indie-, synth- & electropop GEMS, pop classics, hits and rare finds FROM the 1980s TO the 2020s.
Sort by date to hear the newest additions or simply shuffle play.

Hey check out my personal favourite playlist if you feel like it ๐Ÿ™‚ 

This is my hip/hop rap playlist! Be sure to check it out, u wont regret it.

I still add new songs and keep it updated โค๏ธ Its got the og songs too 

Classic Rock - Unknown Good Music - Unique and Accessible

As Dominican Dembow earns the attention in the mainstream, we highlight tracks that define this homegrown drilling sound. This select playlist focuses particularly in the neighboring sounds of some international collabs.

A mix of tasty finger licking good Classic Rock, New Artists and great tunes you somehow missed hearing before.

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