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Emerging Good Christian Artists


Emerging Good Christian Artists

If you're like me, finding decent christian music can sometimes seem impossible. I have put together a playlist that has restored hope in christian music. These small artists are the pebbles that kill Goliath!

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Nice tunes.... I am also a Christian indie artist on Spotify... you may like some of my songs.  Blessings Pam Nori

Hey Tom, I love the playlist and am excited to hear some new christian artists! I love the metaphor of the pebble. My church has written a couple original songs, and I'd love it if you took a few minutes to consider them for your playlist. 

The two original songs are called Peace Came Down, and Clean. Both can be found on our spotify page.

Along with those two songs, we have a handful of covers, and most recently released an acoustic version of Bethel's Extravagant. 


Thank you 


 What an honourable thing to do! I pray that God helps you in this endeavour. 

I've made a Christmas Christian single titled Star of Bethlehem and would love it if you checked it out.

It's written from the perspective of the wisemen and highlights their desire to meet Jesus.

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