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Endless french variety // Variété française à l'infini


Endless french variety // Variété française à l'infini



Do you want to dive into french popular music ? The kind of music the whole country knows by heart ? The kind we dance to at wedding parties ? But also the ones only the real aficionados will listen ? This playlist would be a goos starting point ! 


Pour les francophones : 

Tu retrouveras les classiques JJG, Céline Dion, Cabrel, Téléphone, les années 80, etc... Mais aussi et surtout les chansons dont tu avais oublié l'existence, et celles qui te font perdre aux blindtests parce que tu les connais par coeur, mais le nom de l'artiste te revient pas !


Enjoy and let me know what you think of it!


15 Replies

I'm listening to it right now and I love it so much. I recently started listening to Celine Dion's old albums. Here is my playlist with french songs. 

Thanks, I'm happy you like it. I hope you will discover one or 2 things you like in there !
Your playlist is quite cool, it's more about french music from the 60's and 70's !
If you like the french music from that time, you should dig into the songs of Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Brel. You can also check Georges Brassens !

Thank you 🙂 I would be delighted to check them out! I followed your playlist so I'll stay tuned.

I followed yours too!

I also follow your playlist thanks

Our lists, music from France and Italy are similar. i follow your list "italian tunes".

Haha now I'm gonna follow yours too. I guess we just have similar tastes.

that's right 😃. Cheers

I also followed your account. I've been getting into this genre of Brazilian music called bossa nova and it is so relaxing

I'm already following you. Bossanova is also tasty and relaxing. 👍

I hope you guys are safe and well wherever you are. This whole virus thing is so crazy

We will all be fine. Take care

Looks like a brilliant list, will play later, pleased to see so many Celine songs and my old friend Serge.  I didn't see Think Twice, surely it must be there, it's one of her finest in my opinion.



Je fais parti de ceux qui défi la lois de la gravité, mes productions son Dance EDM mais en francais pour la pluspart, tu pourrais peut être m'ajouter sur ta playslist ca serait cool ert ca donne toujours un coup de pouce, su tu aimes biens sure voici le lien Spotify:


Merci beaucoup et je te souhaite un excellent week end 🙂


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