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Exchange your best techno tracks and playlists!


Exchange your best techno tracks and playlists!

hey everyone 


we love techno and play it nonstop 🙂


This is our curated 2023 list with our top 100 melodic, vocal and progressive techno, tech house and deep house tracks - hand-selected, new and older - top drawer stuff. 


Please post your playlists here and we will follow, and listen. Authors and producers, DJs and artists, post your tracks here and we will add them! 


Happy listening,


Your friends at Leedjinn!





7 Replies

interesting list - I'll give it a listen 🙂



It's got sort of a theme or themes to it. I don't know much about electronic music, especially Dubstep and House music. I'd like to find more of that to add, but I'm particular to keeping with the themes of the other songs.


I hope you enjoy it. It's just right for pool, beach, and lake parties.

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phwoar! big guns out/ sun's out - techno dawn chorus; some great tracks. Robert Hood rocks, well, you know what we mean 😉 

Here's a playlist with a mix of electronic, house, amapiano, etc. music.

You wanna talk techno, idm, bounce/dance, and trance? I got two playlists for that, and Europeans do it the best:


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