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FAR OUT playlists


FAR OUT playlists

Hey there. I run FAR OUT- a clubnight and promotions company in Exeter UK, specialising in Psychedelia, Garage rock, Post-punk, Surf rock, 60s and the like, the weird and the wonderful.

Could really do with some help & feedback with our playlists. 

Especially at the moment when we have no gigs coming up, we really need to increase our online presence. So could do with ideas/suggestions/tips etc...

And a little follow on one of our playlists would always help!

Thank you.


Here's a link to my profile and a few of our playlists.


Thanks again.


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Hi Adam,

All The Very Best For FAR OUT Dude.. Doing Good Job Mate.. You Rock.. Hope Everything Becomes Normal Globally And We Start Living Normally As Before And Soon You Can Resume FAR OUT Journey.. However, We Are All Here To Support You On Your Online Stream Journey As Well.. Followed Your Playlist.. Kudos To Your Share.. Hope, You Get Many More Stream Everyday.. All Of Your Playlists Are Super Cool.. Enjoyed A Lot.. Loved A Lot..

Take Care.. Stay Healthy.. Protect Yourself..

With Best Wishes & Regards,
Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

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