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Feel good indie pop/rock playlist


Feel good indie pop/rock playlist

Hey yall, spent a couple months crafting this playlist and while I know most of these songs are mainstreams, I want to receive feedback and song suggestions from you guys. If you like what you hear, feel free to check my other lists 🙂

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Here is a great playlist that brings peaceful emotions and a great state of mind, please try that and subscribe, listen and feel the vibe.

Thank you man ! some really good songs in there, will definitely listen ! You got most of them covered but here is my playlist of that type. It brings a fuzzy feeling of nostalgia/calm if you feel like it.spotify:user:charlot2106:playlist:0Kiqv7OBYq2PGWJk3ZavKx

Here is the list of artists I picked from scouring through instagram. Most of the artists have under 500 monthly listeners but they have some quality work. Give it a listen!




Hey Charlot21,

cool playlist! 

we just released our new EP.

I think "Somebody" could fit in your list. 

Let me know what you think 😉 



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