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Folk For The Soul

Folk For The Soul

Hey friends.
I'm new here and this is my first playlist (Please Follow)
I would love to hear your opinion and if you have any song recommendations

Share the playlists that do good to your soul



Illustration: Shimon EngelIllustration: Shimon Engel

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I'm working with the artist Shayfer James and I think his new song 'Ophelia' would be a great addition to your playlist! Check it out:


This track might go well in your playlist:

Thanks a lot. I'll listen


Hi Amasa, I sampled a few songs from your playlist - wonderful!  I especially enjoyed ``Blue Ridge Mountains`` by Fleet Foxes.


The best way to describe our music is deeply emotional, with powerful female vocals and dominant cello.


See if you like any of the currently released songs for your playlist.  We are also working on a number of other new songs - some to be released later this year.


Band:   4 Crying Out Loud!


Full Spotify playlist:


Hi @AmasaMenachem @I want to put in your consideration this new track, you might added to your Playlist

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Thank's for your response I will listen to music. have a wonderful day

Hi @Jpgchief

Thank you very much for your response I did not know Andrew bird and from first listening he is definitely an interesting artist. I'll listen to more of his songs and decide which one to add to my playlist. Thanks!

Hello friends!

 I added some new songs, you are invited to stop by and i would love more song recommendations.

nice Playlist. I will have a closer listen.
You might find some songs in my playlist:

As an artist you find my work here. It´s a little more experimental, but still kind of folkish:

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Hey, please consider including this new release from Out of System Transfer on your playlist! Thanks!

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