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Fresh Releases COLLAB

Fresh Releases COLLAB

Hey Guys,


I started a new Collab playlist for your guys to add your songs to.

Genre: Rock, Pop, Indie

Please only add one Track per Artist and make sure that it fits to the other Tracks on the List!

Happy to hear some new Tracks!

9 Replies

I really like this idea and I'm listening.
I have a lot of new music and think I'll add something, hoping you like it.

p.s. feel free to remove what you don't like

Hey SamandJack,


Just add the Tracks to the Playlist. Thats the point of the Collab Playlist, everyone can add a track!

Thanks for adding your Tracks!



@Everyone: Feel Free to Add more Tracks!

I gotchu! Thanks 😉 


Still accepting songs on this Collab playlist!

Just add your Track! 1 per artist!

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