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Funk/Soul/R'N'B music from lesser-known bands


Funk/Soul/R'N'B music from lesser-known bands


I have started collecting Funk/Soul/R'N'B music from lesser-known bands. I have already found a nice set of them. Here's my playlist:


Would be nice to have more of them though and even lesser-known, like bands which have less than 100 monthly listeners. 

Could you recommend me that kind of bands? I'm also looking for followers to my playlist, so if you find music you like from it, I would appreciate if you could start to follow it.


You can also share your Funk/Soul/ R'N'B playlists but also referebly from lesser-known bands. 


Thank you in advance!

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I would like to highlight this one song from playlist:


It is funk/soul/jazz band from France. Really good music. I have been following them since 2010. Maybe not so underground, but not very well-known globally either.

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