Funk & Disco | Daily updated Playlist

Funk & Disco | Daily updated Playlist

Hi guys 🖐,


Just wanted to share a playlist I started recently.

Im a huge fan of Funk, Disco and Nudisco since a long time and I keep looking for gems  everyday and sharing with my friends.


I created this playlist on Spotify to let people enjoy my discoveries. There is classic but also rare songs :



Here is my last my last addition :


Let me know if you enjoyed listening !

Peace & Happy listening 🎶 💕

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Thank you for this!! Really good list, following it! I also have my Funk Playlist, where I have rare stuff and classics, I'm gonna make it grow the next weeks! Follow for more 🙂

Hey Funkdiscover,


Thank you for sharing your playlist, it really is the essence of funk! Followed on Spotify.


Spotify username: London | Eclect


You might like my Soulful Rhythms playlist, it has a mix of funk and soulful sounds - hope you enjoy it!

Very nice selection! I can listen to this all day long. I made two disco playlists myself, one with more uptempo party disco called Disco Lovin' and the other playlist is called Sleazy Disco with more background type Disco songs. I hope you like:


Oh! I saw I didn't share my playlist! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


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