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Gothic / Doom / Dark Playlist


Gothic / Doom / Dark Playlist

something to vote for - something to follow or just something to listen to...

Only the best of the best show up here - from Paradise Lost over Moonspell to Theatre of Tragedy or My dying bride

In case you like dark music you will definitely LOVE this playlist!


Enjoy the classics of Gothic and Dooooooooooooooom....there is so much beauty in darkness



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another weekend to explore the dark side of music...enjoy!!

I did a search for gothic rock as I was curious to see if anyone posted anything. I came across your thread and I see you have some nice music there, although it's mostly metal orientated. I've been inspired to create my own playlist with a collection of various gothic rock music.


I've not finished it yet, but this is what I have so far. It's broadly gothic rock and touches into related genres with post-punk, dark wave, ethereal wave and some industrial/electronic.


PS: How do you embed the playlist in a post?

thanks for your post - highly appreicated!
Will have a listen to your playlist...

Embedding a playlist is explained in this forum topic at the very's simple if you follow this description...

I've pretty much finished with the playlist now. I just need to give it a listen through. Let me know if you like the music.


Hmm, I found this:


Let me try again... Yes it works!



I have enjoyed it !

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Good stuff 😄

wonderful music - thanks for sharing

another weekend to enjoy some melodic gothic metal tunes...enjoy the dark side everybody

Renamed the playlist slightly to better reflect the real sound behind

Any suggestions for some more songs or bands to add to this list?

Wow this is a great Playlist! 

Here is a new single from Sayreville New Jersey's own Drift Into Black. This is "Death from Above" for your playlist consideration.

There's so much beautiful in darkness indeed ❤️ 


Also if you're looking for more dark yet beautiful pieces, maybe you'll enjoy this 🙂

Hi could you check out my song and consider adding it to your list thanks!


Night Winds

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