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Great Artists with < 10,000 Monthly Listeners


Great Artists with < 10,000 Monthly Listeners

For a few years we've had a very popular thread "Recommend a band with fewer than 500 followers". A lot of you have shared great bands you've discovered that had less than 500 followers. 


Some bands you all recommended in the above thread were:





Now that the artist page format has changed to monthly listeners, we're starting this thread again. When you find a great artist with less than 10,000 Montly Listeners share it here. 


1. Right click on the song in Spotify.

2. Click 'Copy Spotify URI'.

2. Go to your Community post. 

3. Click 'Insert/edit link button'

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4. Paste URI.

5. Click Post. 


Today I'm recommending Reuben Hollebon, a singer-songwriter from Norfolk. Any fans of Bon Iver, Patrick Watson will love. 



Follow this thread's playlist here: 


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This indie band from Sheffield will no doubt be big, they're making very accessible pop with a great feel and bounce:

During the past few days, I’ve been listening quite a bit to an instrumental band from Denmark with <10,000 monthly listeners, called Papir. Their music incorporates elements of krautrock, progressive rock, space rock, and psychedelic rock; and they’re signed to El Paraiso records (run by members of fellow Danish psychedelic rock band Causa Sui). Here’s my favorite track of theirs:



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I've been digging into psychedelia and vapor soul lately, and I stumbled across some gorgeous sounds by 5 Billion in Diamonds (currently 9.5k/mo).


It's a pet project by Butch Vig(!), UK DJ James Grillo, and Bristol producer Andy Jenks. Some really lush 70's psych vibes.



I recommend this Italian artist with a mix of Latin rock and pop sound


Hello! My band's single "Prism". Track is written in indie pop/ indie rock genre, it has melancholic vibes, it is about unrequited love and main melodic instruments are acoustic guitar and piano, featuring string orchestra, drums and bass guitar later in the song. I hope you'll consider adding this tracks to your playlist. Have a nice listen and a good day! 

Here is a brand new artist with only 1 song upload... It sounds professional and it a great tune with 0 monthly listeners. Song below.

I'm starting with one of the guitarists and founding members of Tesla, Frank Hannon. I started listening to him, in the later part of last year, via one song that I added to my biker playlist. He also has a couple albums of covers of which I've listened to a few songs from. I finally got around to listening to his debut album, the other day.

And if you don't know about Tesla, you're missing out.

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Composer Vagn Holmboe currently has 527 monthly listeners as of this post . . . yet his profile says that he ". . . is becoming widely recognized as the most important Danish composer since Nielsen."

If you enjoy Wagner, I'll bet you'll enjoy Holmboe, especially when it comes to his symphonies.

This has to be my favorite piece by him. Wouldn't sound too out of place in some sword and sorcery flick.

Thanks for creating a thread for others to listen and share! I'll definitely be listening to the music featured. For fans of Tom Petty, Jason Isbell, Drew Holcomb, The Head and The Heart.

An ambient and experimental electronic musician from Bristol 😉

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