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Great songs for summer time?


Great songs for summer time?

Any genre, upbeat or lowkey, vibey summer jams.

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Nice electro house remix with dubby summery vibe ::::
cheers! 🙂

Definitely check out this one 🙂



You should check out this track by Priscilla Renea! I can't stop listening to it, perfect vibes for summertime!

I would recommend parrot by step dad 

Summer's all about happy vibes so I'll be listening to my playlist all the time haha



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Loreley is a new band worth checking out. They make a sunny mix of pop, jazz and African influences. Perfect for your lazy summer Sundays. 

Here is a link to their first single.



All the best!


La mejor música para el verano en Español. Abrazos troveros

The best music for summer time in Spanish. Kind regards

This song has a nice, chill, Summer vibe to it.  Lit Sounds - Cascade 

Here's a smooth soulful track you can play in a pool bar lounge!

Here's some greats songs fr the summer:



This is a great upbeat/feel good song. Check it out! Let us know if you like it!



Look up "So Official" and "Anti Social" by Penny. Both 2 amazing chill type songs!

Lil Skies!

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