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Great songs for summer time?


Great songs for summer time?

Any genre, upbeat or lowkey, vibey summer jams.

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You can try this album by r.n.kedidjein, it's Electro / Funk / Symphonic. Here's a track  :


And the album :

Velocity by the Natural-Philosophers With Attitude

I would like to post one song, which remembered me a summer. It is one Greek song and I have heard this song on My holyday in Greece. 

Here's a playlist made for summer camps and good vibes. Enjoy!

Check the best playlist for the summer 😎. Good vibes and drinks under the sun ☀️ 🍹

The Weekend, Bakermat, David Guetta, Gamper & Dadoni, Freddy Verano, Joy Corporation, Meduza and many more!!

*periodic updating*




Hi!!!! Im here with my very very recent playlist for summer 2021. I grilled the beat so much its too hot to touch!! 🙂 jokes aside, give it a listen if you want to feel fresh and lightheaded, best enjoyed through car rides and speakers :))

these are all super upbeat and just scream sunshine and happiness (like summer)! 


Hello ,

Fresh and green just released this friday. This new track, was made in a spring spirit like the record cover. In the style of old school house music you will find a flavour like the singer Raze 'Break for Love' . Hope you enjoy it 

Mostly chill psychedelic music with a summer/heat theme:

Heat themed songs for summer days that are too effing hot


I got my Summer Playlist here if anyones looking for the vibe, a little bit of everything to say the least 🙂 

Hi  deGrasse I am a spotify artist my name is Darrell Heath I have a summer style song MIDWEST PARIDISE but im not shure how to attach it ?


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