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Grow Your Playlists | Discover Playlists w/ <50 Followers :)


Grow Your Playlists | Discover Playlists w/ <50 Followers :)

Hey Community! Post one playlist for which you'd like to grow your following - please follow the below playlist, and I'll follow the first 40 playlists in the thread.


Enjoy, and happy sharing!




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Songs to remind you of your inner power, to brighten your day, inspire & motivate you, give you confidence to be yourself and believe in your dreams, and sparkle some good vibes!! let's go!

Hello @LondonDJ and all music lovers 🎧 trying to find a nice playlist can be a challenge, but if you need some music to have a good time, look no further 🎶

Hello, Thank you for this great thread. I started to follow your playlist. I think you might actually like my playlisy too. It includes funky and groovy songs from lesser known artists. You should check it out. 

I have started a weekly playlist supporting small artists and new music, I used to do a radio show doing this but I am now transitioning to a weekly playlist! It's called 'Under The Radar' and includes multiple genres and so many incredibly underrated tunes. 

Awesome playlist! 


Here's my mellow vibe playlist. Hope you like it 🐱






Hope you enjoy. I'm dropping 2. Feel free to pick whichever fits your vibe. I liked and followed as well. Thanks.

Wooooww .. what discover weekly this week . But i hope the next week give same before this week , cause its dam amazing and graat i had great time !!!!!

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