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Hello Halloween Music Lovers, 

Share your favorite Halloween Music playlist here.


Happy Halloween!


Here's how to submit a post of your playlist to this TOPIC.

1.) Click REPLY near the bottom of this post.
2.) In the 'Replying to...' box, enter a description of your playlist (Optional but Desirable).
3.) Go to the playlist you want to share and select (or right-click) the 'three dots' icon
then select 'Share' in the drop-down menu and choose 'Copy link to playlist' (not 'Embed playlist'). 

4.) Paste (Ctrl-V) the playlist link anywhere in 'Replying to...' box.

5.) Make sure your playlist is 'Public' ('three dots' icon, then select 'Make Public')

6.) Click 'Additional Options' if you want to add Tags.
7.) Pass the 'I'm not a Robot' test if applicable.
8.) Click 'REPLY'

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Need a spooktacular Halloween playlist?


Halloween Hits

Halloween Dance Party

Kids Halloween Party

Any Halloween celebration.

Trick or Treat Night. 👻 

Non-stop spooky dance party.

For the adults only. 🧛 🧟

Kid-Tested & Parent-Approved. 🎃

Teacher-Approved for the classroom.

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