Harmonic playlist

Harmonic playlist

Hi all, I am a music lover, and especially love electronic music.  I went to my first rave as a teen in the mid 90s and have been listening ever since, embracing a wide variety of styles.  After all these years I decided I wanted to get into making a harmonic playlist, and so I began what has been a lot of hard work that hasn't felt like hard work at all.  I present to you my playlist 'Harmony is to melody as music is to heart'  


There's a whole variety of music, different types of more chill and midtempo, some jazz, some international sounds, some bass music, some acoustic, lots of beautiful vocals.  

Please follow those instructions to put the fader on for 7 seconds, it's important as the majority of the songs sound mixed.  There's a few spots where the way the songs ended there is a small space of silence but the majority is flow.   I have really worked hard on this to make it sound wonderful, I love listening to it myself, and I have really put my heart into it.  I hope you enjoy.  Thank you.   

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Rhythmraccoon, I love intentional crossfade transitions!!! I've given the playlist a listen and followed, as I really appreciate your perfect mixing (sometimes key as well as rhythm!) and passion for music.


I've got an intentional mix of my own that I hope you enjoy as much as I did when creating it:



Music is life! I'm on IG if you'd like to connect: the.soul.feeder 😊



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