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Heavy Rotation 307 New Metal/Hard Rock New Releases!!

Heavy Rotation 307 New Metal/Hard Rock New Releases!!



Heavy Rotation

I'm a graphic designer who also has a passion for curating playlists & creating the cover art. Heavy Rotation is Updated Weekly, with the best, Metal-Hard Rock, New Releases and Fresh Find selected from over 25 Metal & Hard Rock genres. 

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Ready for You – Pressure Cracks
Silence the Enemy Mind – Jasta, BillyBio
Black Butterfly – Leaves' Eyes
FAKERS PLAGUE – While She Sleeps
Immortal – Lorna Shore
Dreh auf! – We Butter The Bread With Butter
Paraglider – Powder! Go Away
Adaptive Taste – Static Dress
Against All Odds – Prospective
Blow Me – The Used, Jason Aalon Butler
Stargazed – Running Wild
Ex Nihilo – Vatican
Fallen – Archon Angel, Zak Stevens
They Are Here – Ninetyfive50
Mother's Daughter – Battledragon
115 – Christian Grey
Fix Me – Gnarlah
Farewell – Watch Out Stampede
Father – Behind Blue Eyes
PTSD – Cro-Mags
Hit the Ground – The Murder of My Sweet
I Sever – Sylosis
Last Christmas – The Animal In Me
Jewel – Johari
Lost in a Christmas Dream – Temperance
After Dark – Blitzkrieg
Milking Me Softly – Milking the Goatmachine
The Mirror Shattered – Cage Fight.
Nabbed in Nebraska – Anvil
A New Order – Regarde Les Hommes Tomber
One – Brothers of Metal
Psychoticlysm – Krosis
Risset – Kryn
Extreme Paranoia – Crystal Eyes
This Skin – Stitched Up Heart
Unholy Path – Night Crowned
Warrior Heart – Blood Region
What Man Has Made – Acacia Ridge
When the Stars Are Right - Single Edit – Serious Black
Loss of Humanity – EXA
Born from Ashes – Death by Dissonance
To the Moon on Summer Eves – Sun Of The Sleepless
Bullet of Betrayal – Human Fortress
The Dead Light, Pt. 2 – Fen
Old Friends – Dead Crown
Everyone Wins – The Murder of My Sweet
Light That Burns the Sky – Xenobiotic
No More – Ravenword
Lost in the Christmas Dream – Temperance
God Bless The Renegades – Clint Lowery
Lay All Your Love on Me – Amberian Dawn
Otoi – Diabulus in Musica
You – Zero Theorem
Forgiveness – Moon Reverie
Parting – Oberst
Low Season – Higher Power
Je Suis Charlie – Bonded
Serenade – All Fall Down
Metal in the Night – Stormburner
If Forever Ends Today – Power Theory
Pain – Cellar Skulls
Whitethorn – The Shadeless Emperor
Manipulator – Lune
Beautiful Victim – My Perfect End
Technophobia – Dirtnap
Broken Castle – A New Chapter
Misantrophy – Agarwaen
Hands Bound – Solid Sky
Slow Burn – Citrus Wavelengths
The Pit – At Night I Fly
Running With Scissors – Revoid
Screw You – Moment of Madness
Vengeance – State of Deceit
Sick Sense – Sunspear
Lighthouse – Prophecies
Forest Fires – The Parousia
November – Human Impact
The Inextinguishable Fire Within – Incinerating the Infidels
Flight of Dragons – Hans Platz
Realm Breaker – Mechina
Rule of Nines – Spiritbox
Hypnopyre – Caronte
The End of All We Know – Bleed From Within
The Devil’s Forge – Diamonds to Dust
Settling the Void – Abaddon
Set the World on Fire – Serenity
Serenade – Solence
Charlatan Dreams – Breakthrough Even, Mike Semesky
What Is Waiting – Instilled in Me
Smoking Kills – Tigersharks
Inside Out – Five Finger Death Punch
Monsters – Millennium Bug
Snake Oil – Empty Ocean
Rope. – Take Flight
Four Walls – Royal Desolation
Divinity:missing – When Forever Ends
Lighteous – Flip a Coin
Wölfe der Nacht – Erdling, Chris Pohl
Mend Our Wounds – As they Arrive
The Star Eater – Vomitron
Head of Doubt – Undawn
Insomnia – A Night Like This
Drowned by Myself – Hela
Saints of the Blood – Black Veil Brides
Emmanuel – World Breaker
Go On – Cochè Vil, Sebas Mato
Losing Faith – Heavensent
Of Blood & Bone – She Must Burn
Ghost – Lune
Nightcrawlers – Discoveries
At the Wheel – Colorblind
Bring Me Down – Micah Ariss, Matthew Parker
Broken – Dream Escape
Danger – It Comes in Waves
Victory – Fire From The Gods
Balders Bål – Bersærk
The Vengeance – Black Veil Brides
The Grey (VIXI) – Bury Tomorrow
Poverty of Self – Currents
I'm So Sick – The Veer Union
Time's Cruel Curtain – Cattle Decapitation
Brothers – Solence
Films – Wednesday 13, Calico Cooper
Fake – RedHook
Throne of Thorns – Elyne
I Dug a Hole in the Yard for You – Lordi
Age of Defiance – Prong
Instability – Dragged Under
(Refuse to Be) Bound by Chains – Red Death
Dark – Oceans
Call of Schizophrenia - 2019 Version – Fear Of Domination
Choose Your Side – Nothing Left
The Pursuit – Rendezvous Point
Aggressive Evolution – Loathe
Breathe Again – Oni
Wake Up – A Broken Silence
Thermageddon – Svart Crown
Breathe You In – Softspoken
Snitches & Famebitches – Grizzly
Setius – Deliver The Galaxy
Thunder – Human Fortress
Black of My Eyes – Bodysnatcher
Nakatomi – Smoke Signals
Storm of the North – Stormwarrior
Essence of Creation – Crimson Sun
Wither – Teeth
Bråtebrann – Kvelertak
Playing the Victim – Blood Youth
Wastage – To The Grave
Silent Prey – Glasslands
Pieces – Venatici
My Demons – Eunoia
Singled Out to Rise Above – Awaiting the Answer
Husk – Teeth
Breathing – Ghosther
Wolves at the Door – Black Flies
Tyrannos – Mechina
Low-Key Moist – Ljesus
Evil – Today's Last Tragedy
There's Something Missing – Take Us to Your Leader
Silence – Solid Sky
Shine – Harroway
Paper Plane – Sparrow
Before It's Gone – Decay the Ocean
Autonomous Mind – Beneath The Massacre
Clay Boy – Septa
L'arca – Nero Di Marte
Grenades – Manafest
When the Heartache Has Gone – Revolution Saints
Stones – Marko Hietala
Lead Wings – Dawn Of Solace
9000 Years Ago – Coronatus
Suburban Breakdown – Misery Loves Co.
A Dying Light – Sun of the Dying
The Brother: The Captive – The Fortress, Andy Cizek
Can't Stop – Hippie Trim

New Tracks

Cubensis – Intronaut
Diabolic – Demons & Wizards
Free – Kirra
Never Know – Bad Omens
Fill the Crown – Poppy
Blue Angel – Plini, Adam Nolly Getgood
Lungs of the Mother – Muldrotha
Damaged Goods – Gift Giver, Chad Ruhlig
Предел – Outxset
If I Fall – Wolves
Carry Me – Instilled in Me
Glacial – Projections
Slip from Grace – StillBreather
For What It's Worth – At First
Make It Out Alive – Heathens
Deadly Blessings – Noise Trail Immersion
Birds of a Feather – KSICK
More – sunchair
Broken Honda Civic – Continuations
Beware the Necromancer – Nightbearer
Kenoma – Sons Of A Wanted Man
Roundhouse – Andrew Stanton
Faceless Portrait – Oni
The River Dragon Has Come – Paladin
Collapsed Island – Voltumna
Beneath the Surface – Nothing Left
Return from War – Jasta, Max Cavalera
Through the Pain I See Others – Morna
Overdose – September Mourning
Hiding from Heaven – September Mourning
Afterlifestyle – Wake up Frankie
Dead Inside – Oni
Armed To The Teeth – Annihilator
Waste People – Solace
Carnivore – Body Count
Chasing the Twilight Zone – Rage
Das Rad des Ixion – Porta Nigra
Devils and Angels – Psychotic Waltz
Death from Above – Nothing Left
Drowning – Lost in Separation
En Route To Mayhem – Apocalyptica
Exoria – Svart Crown
Eye to Eye – Mystic Prophecy
Fall to Ascend – Sons Of Apollo
Feel Alive – Suicide Silence
In Technicolour – Hemina
Into the Lake of Fire – Heresy
Jägermeister – Korpiklaani
Lost 蛇 – October Ends
Melodies of Lust – Svarttjern
Monarchy of Shadows – Tombs
The Painful Truth – The Warriors
Summiteer – Watch Out Stampede
Obsidian – Viscera
The Ones from Hell – Necrowretch
The Quass/Dying Degree – Violent Life Violent Death
Rebellion – Dead Like Juliet
Hyperion – Kill The Lycan
School of Hard Knocks – Biff Byford
Souls and Sins – Serenity
Stridig – Ihsahn
Suit Murderer – Bonded
Tidal Waves – Lethal Injektion
Under the Scalpel Blade – Carcass
Unseen – Our Mirage
9c639 – Öxxö Xööx
Men livet går vidare – Vi som älskade varandra så mycket
Into the Ether – Earth Moves
Your Death Makes Me Wish Heaven Was Real – Frail Body
From Nothing – Reflections
Aggressor – Vredehammer
Shadow In The Night – Hazemaze
The Shining of My Soul – Storm Orchestra
Fringe Logic – Maraton
Despair – Downswing, Aidan Holmes
Shake the World – Black Swan

Final Tracks Added

Last Time – Sepultura
Darkness Within – Dead Serenity
Am heiligen Hain – Erdling
Needles and Pins – Jorn
Valhalleluja – NanowaR of Steel
Died Enough for You – Blind Channel
All Shall Burn – Eleine
Embersólyom - Kaláka – Thy Catafalque
MEI – a crowd of rebellion
Tire Me - Cover – Palm Reader
The Conjurer – Empirine
Divine Bloodline – Voltumna
Agony – Miscreant
Prometheus – Shizumaru
Blizzard – Ghost Ship Octavius
Kugels Out – Chronologist, Devesh Dayal
White Noise – The Veer Union
Heaven Gets What It Wants – Jasta, Howard Jones
My Mind, Myself & I – Secrets
Paralyzed – Oceans
Torchbearer – Neaera
Nippon Knights – Victorius
Urashima – Drakum
The Burning – British Lion
Nightmare – The Veer Union
Tsitsushka – Thy Catafalque
Pulling at Threads – Dark Fortress
$uicide Watch – I Revolt
Mortal Remains – Blackbriar
Eclipse – Nucleust
The Cure – Wake Up Hate
Impostor – Sea Smile
Hollow Bastion – Saving Vice
Here to Stay – The Anchor
Acid Rocket – DK-Zero
Books on Fire – Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
Filth – Teeth
Midnight Radio – Crystal Eyes
Ghost – Saint Asonia

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