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Heavy Rotation Dec 16' (The Metal List)


Heavy Rotation Dec 16' (The Metal List)



Welcome to Heavy Rotation, the monthly playlist, of the best, Metal-Hard Rock, New Releases and Fresh Finds. Hand-picked by JE², from mainstream and underground artists.


December is the month for hidden gems when it comes to new releases. Music sites are focusing on year-end “Best Of” lists and don't focus much attention on new releases. That won't be this playlist.


Why this playlist?

  • Discover New Releases, selected from a wide spectrum of Metal & Hard Rock genres, including:
    • Death Metal  • Hardcore  • Tech Death Metal   • Pirate Metal
    • Metalcore  • Thrash  • Symphonic Metal   • Jazz Metal
    • Progressive Metal   • Deathcore  • Hard Rock  • Screamo
    • Alternative Metal   • Mathcore  • Djent  • Grindcore
    • Power Metal  • Black Metal   • Industrial Metal    • Southern Metal  
    • Doom Metal  • Folk Metal


  • Updated on New Release Friday & throughout the week.
  • Fresh Finds are amazing songs, I've found, but not released this month.

*My mix's are usually limited to one track per artist, but for this mix, I'll add multiple tracks If an artist releases more than one single, I enjoy, in the month or a single & album.

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Feel free to add Destiny Horizon from Soul Source to the list, music in the style of Power Metal,


Best wishes,

Tobias of Soul Source

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