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Heavy Rotation March The Best playlist for new Releases in Metal & Hard Rock!


Heavy Rotation March The Best playlist for new Releases in Metal & Hard Rock!


Heavy Rotation

I'm a graphic designer who also has a passion for curating playlists & creating the cover art. Heavy Rotation is Updated Weekly, with the best, Metal-Hard Rock, New Releases and Fresh Find selected from over 25 Metal & Hard Rock genres. 

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Tracks Added

Memento Mori – Lamb of God
Breaking the Mirror – Fit For A King
Sulfur Surrounding – Code Orange
Loathe – Motives
Nemesis – Moments
Paradigm – TrueShot, Aidan Holmes
Away – Eremic
Bone Cathedral – Huntsmen
Anywhere (From the Nameless Bride) – Friendship Commanders
Delusions of Superiority – Aronious
Rip & Tear – The Anchor
Fallen – Astro Rain
小情歌(Little Love Song) – MiniG迷你機
Cold.Metal.Place – Code Orange
Reflection Room – Invent, Animate
Blood – Above Our Instinct
Saudade – Blueshift, Josh Hardiman
Absolution – BEARERS
Red Alert – Kill the Kong
Codex Gigas – Asenblut
Interstellar – Kill the Kong
The Alchemist – Aventhur
Head of the Snake – Comaniac
Blackfire – Crimson Shadows
A Fog Of Feeling – Wars
Drive – Clio Cadence
Strawberry's Wake – Dance Gavin Dance
The Panic – Wake Up Hate
Afflictions – The Art of Deception
Frozen Seas – Coffeinne
Broken Landscape – Bolu2 Death
By Thunder and Lightning – Verbal Razors
Frontiere – Alchemists
Who Am I – Arctic Rain
Prophecy – DeadRisen
Dissolve – Soul Extract
Listen to Yourself – Once Awake
Bad Luck – Wasted Away
Collapse – Coldbones
Run – Jared Dines
Pienso En Tu Mirá – Bolu2 Death
Above the Tomb – Externus
Lamb to the Slaughter – I Am Abomination
Stream of Moments – Sacred Dimension
Finisterra – Moonspell
Rinse and Repeat – Follow Your Dreams
The War We Made – Red
Mannequin – Blacksound
Helping Hand – Parity
Like an Eagle – Walking Across Jupiter, Vitaly Machunsky
Umbra – Brass Against
E605 – Human Impact
Variation I.Ii - Lethe – Sutrah
Progeny of the Singularity – Lychgate
Labyrinth of Distant Echoes – Hällas
Luna – Moonspell
If They Float – Bone Church
My Favourite Enemy – Benevolent Like Quietus
Horus – We Exist Even Dead
Risen Death a D – DeadRisen
The Beginning Of The End – Self Deception
When Will I Wake – Ardor
Death March – CABAL
Guidance From The Pain – Justice For The Damned
Hellhounds – King 810
Child of Night – The Black Dahlia Murder
Dark – Invent, Animate
Desperado - Radio Edit – Soilwork
Invitation – Black Crown Initiate
All for the Kingdom – Grave Digger
The Black Hand Reaches Out – Warbringer
My Demon – Stitched Up Heart
De Wereld Is Wondermooi feat. Sven DC from Aborted – Fleddy Melculy
Falling Down – Evereal
SENSE AGAIN – Ocean Grove
Forward Thinking – Glen Alvelais
Gypsy Disco – Emmure
Hanging Tree – Video Nasties
Hell and Back – Self Deception
Legal at Last – Anvil
Luminol – So This Is Suffering
A Mannequin Idol (Lullaby) – DED
Metfest – Feuerschwanz
Midnight Hour – Wolf
Monster – Carach Angren
Nails – Benighted
Narco – Lotus Eater
No Rest – Honest Crooks
The Philosopher King – Ex Deo
Hands of Time – The Unity
The Reckoning – Silvera
Gods Way is my Way – Deathbeds AU, Misstiq
The Soil – Aversions Crown
Stigma – Thousand Thoughts
The Tempest – Caligula's Horse
White Noise – Tomorrow Is Lost
Undercurrent – Designer Disguise
The Easy Way – Code Orange
Uusi teknokratia – Oranssi Pazuzu
Veronica's Room – Secrets Of The Moon
Waste Away – Speaking With Ghosts
Waterfall – Dynazty
Wormwood – Shotgun Revolution
Vagabondage – Shower of Teeth
Vision Loser – Neck of the Woods
The Deluge – Sojourner
Vasa Praevia Dispassion – Postvorta
My Love, My Cadaver – Trither
Elsewhere – Mamaleek
CHAINSMOKE – Story Untold
You'll Hate Me – Wake Me
The Knotted Bag – Temnein
Modern Lover – New Primals
Onenemy - 25th Anniversary Mix – Circle of Dust
Vivido Perire – Calligram
Vigilance and Atrophy – ...And Oceans
Salt The Earth – Shrapnel
Arbiter's Call – Arkentype, Emilie Bjørnstad
New Obsession – Pure Reason Revolution
The Rain – Words Like Wildfire
Fractal – With This Fake
American Playboy – Bonelang
Fear and Fury – DeadRisen
Shade – Castor's Hollow
A Bad Cop in a Bad Mood – Graf Orlock
Darkness – POORSTACY
Jekyll – Silenmara
Eradicate – Heaven Shall Burn
Fixated – Demise of the Crown
Aimless Path - Pt. 1 – Trepalium
Conflagration – Meadows End
What Made You Stay – Set for Tomorrow
You Broke Like Glass – Eighteen Visions
Cabin Fever – Version Eight
The Service – Bloom
Misery – Beyond The Black
Rectify – Foundations
Kill or Be Killed – Automatic Ape
Years of Lead – Wvrm
Limitless – Andromida, Giuseppe Gilardi
Still Standing – The Anix
Bury a Friend – Jared Dines
One More Line – Born In Exile
Freely Enchained – Eternal Delyria
Rise and Fall – Crematory
Cheers To The Tragedy – Tattoo the Scars
Hollywood's Bleeding – Prophets
Silk – Earth Groans
Chasing Safety – alt.
Pudge (Unofficial Dota Theme) – Berserkyd
Disenchantment – Ignea
Replica – Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
Growing Cold – Behind Blue Eyes
Architecture of the Wurm – Sevenheads
Mantra – Becko
Tacenda – Sydney Fate
Blind – Agonize The Serpent
Wither – Wasted Creation
In Search of Solace – Chernobyl the Secret
Learn – Dens
Voyager – Blueshift
All the Rage – Watch You Burn
Judas – Fleddy Melculy
Undefeated – A War Within
Ingvar - Svitjod Edition – Hulkoff
Timid Beast – Lord Loud
Memento Mori – METEORA
Cloak and Dagger – End Paragon
Virus – Earth Caller
Mouth of Exile – Clients
Epidemic – In Deception
It Is Well – Then It Ends
Silence Between the Words – Beyond the Hate
Know Your Place – Victims Aren't We All
Away – Skywalker
Die Young – Xtasy
Lurk – Wolfpack
Sleepeater – Naat
Running Out of Time – Beyond Unbroken
What If I Live – Allen/Olzon
Fractured Mind – Escape The Void
All I Have – Perceptions
Everything I Wanted – Worst In Me
Dead in Every Eyes – PORN
Imminent – Acadence
Sapphire - Perturbator Version – Alcest
Rahula – Staghorn
Welcome to My World – Xtasy
Wasted Soul – Sakoya
Time Won't Heal – Nicumo
Albatross – Valor
Twilight of the Wolves – Monotheist
Confounded Bridge – Dopeghost
Red Lights – Bleakhaus
Unify – Hyperconvolutor
Stare into Death and Be Still – Ulcerate
City of Dreams – FRAGILE ART
Point the Finger – Body Count, Riley Gale
23/19 – IMMERSE
Madness – Silverstein, Princess Nokia
Mere Shadow – Semblant
I Am No Good – Earth Caller
Your Own Misery – Fallcie
Children of the Next Level – Testament
Falling Apart – Captives
2259 – Novena
Illusionist – Future Palace, Tobias Rische
Noja – The Hirsch Effekt, ANOKI
Affliction – Viscera
Love of Mine – Blind Channel
Payback – Vitja
Gloom and the Art of Tribulation – Aborted
When I'm Gone – Body Count, Amy Lee
Dream Quest Ends – Smoulder
Endorphin – Crossfaith
To Outlive the Gods – My Dying Bride
Self-Realisation – Atavist
Worlds Apart – Allen/Olzon
Viperous – Vredehammer
Living Inside Me – Born In Exile
Between the worlds – Saturnalia Temple
Men – Dens
The Death of Me – Harem Scarem
Becoming the Enemy – Imonolith, Johannes Eckerstrom
Live Or Die (feat. Joakim Brodén) – Apocalyptica, Sabaton, Joakim Brodén
Soiled Existence – Almanac
Carpe Noctem – Viscera
Rush of Death – Almanac
Parasites – Fallcie
Same Blood – Nicumo
Cerecloth – Naglfar
Gravity – Saturnalia Temple
I'll Never Leave You – Allen/Olzon
Luftslottet – Artificial Sky
The Cure – Alazka
Leaves of Yesteryear – Green Carnation
Flowers on Your Grave – I Am Your God
Dread Rebirth – Earth Rot
Falls – Earth Groans
Disgrace – Downswing
Harvest – Nightwish
Dethrone the Gods, Control the Masters (Legacy of Blood, Pt. IV) – Semblant
Light It Up – Elyne, Aaron Pauley
Carbon Copy – Downswing, Vincent Bennett
Only Monsters – Wars
Feel so Empty – Dream on Dreamer
Flames of Death – Gomorra
Waywardly Broken – Conception
Necronomicon – Burning Witches
The Solace – My Dying Bride
It's Cool – Four Year Strong
Antisocialist – Asking Alexandria
Evergreen – Black Orchid Empire
Gone – Sharks In Your Mouth
Forsaken – Victoria K, Sheri Vengeance
Reanimate – Ihlo
The In Between – Theody
Unforgiven – Rotting Out
Circumspice – Basalt
Revival Fire – Stinky
Bulletproof – Jason Aalon Butler
Fire for Water – Greg Puciato
Detach – Azusa, Alex Skolnick
Bones – August Burns Red
Catastrophist – Trivium
New Life – Volturian
Fu – Sordid Pink
Seeing God (feat. Aaron Heard) – The Acacia Strain, Aaron Heard
The Path of the Totalitarian – Abysmal Dawn
Avalon – God Code
East of Eden – The Beautiful Mistake
Abandon Ship – Leaden Fumes
The Enemy I Know – Friendship Commanders
Rid the Earth of the Human Virus – Neaera
This Is War – Five Finger Death Punch
Sunset of Mankind – Neaera
The Election – Henriette B
Once Falls the Guillotine – Tombs
Phantom Force – Havok
Critical Solstice – Metalium
Ziggurat – Born In Exile
Rebirth – Orbit Culture
Influenza – PURGE
Crown of the Chimera – Arise the Titan
Monarch – Invent, Animate
Dead on the Vine – Metal Church
Where Are We Going from Here – tuXedoo
I Am the Wolf – Phantom State
The Hollowed – Witma
One Night at the Cinema – Nils Patrik Johansson
Hidden in Plain Sight – Beneath The Massacre
Haunted – Altered Revelations
They Tell Me They're With Me – To Octavia
The Crowning – Regarde Les Hommes Tomber
Leaves in the Stream – Withering Surface
Tripolar – Intronaut
Dreamcatcher – Their Dogs Were Astronauts
Tectonic – Insect Ark
Burn the Sun – Contrition
Time's Up – The Animal In Me
Underdog – The Animal In Me
To Be Alone – Five Finger Death Punch
Entombed in Gold Forever – Barishi
Suffocate – Kayzo, Bad Omens
RESONATING LIGHT 2.0 – Earthists.
Savior – Orchards
Fuck Uw Vrienden – Fleddy Melculy
Heaven – Cole Rolland, Halocene, Kristina Schiano, Anna Sentina
As Above, So Below – Clockwise
The Cull – Intronaut
Take Shelter – Cevilain
False Hope – Walking Across Jupiter
A Tale of Two Wolves – Fire from Heaven
Starman – John Dolmayan, Serj Tankian
One of Them – Votum
Play Fair – Nova Twins
No Time To Die – Our Last Night
Leave It All Behind – Five Finger Death Punch
Heavy Eyes – Inertia
Gibbous Moon – Solus
After You're Gone – One Desire
Free Mind – Northern Lights
Victory – The Wolf You Feed
To Darkness – Infirmum
Noodles – Shrezzers
Keep Your Distance – Malevolence, Bryan Garris
Explosions After Dark – Ebonivory
Mer än du ser – Knogjärn
Back to the Light – Coffeinne
Ghost of You – Outline In Color
Blessed Be – Spiritbox
Siberian Heathen Horde – Welicoruss
Rhythm – In Search Of Sun
Cornerstone – Diamond Dance, Hotel Books
Heartless Madness – Dynazty
Shimmer – City of Souls
Cycles – Posthumanbigbang
All The Things She Said – Lena Scissorhands, Chase the Comet
Ti Sento – Ardours
Hall of the Sky – Hopesfall
Out of Touch – Palmist
Euphoria – Fifth Empire
When You're Gone – Evereal
Projections – For What It's Worth
That's What I Need – Shellz
OJ Kush – Today Is The Day
Into the Light – Binary Creed
DMU – Bad/Love
Mosaic – Unredd
Trapped – Kryptaker
Wake – My Favourite Nemesis
Buoyancy – The Bolide
Mountain View – Lakeshore
Cover You (feat. Travis Barker) – The Hunna, Travis Barker
See You in Hell – Ad Infinitum
Convalescence – Cegvera
Merry Go Round – Their Dogs Were Astronauts
You've Got to Move On – Game Zero
Round Two – Berried Alive, Joshua Travis
The Void in Aimless Flight – Telepathy
Street Spirit – John Dolmayan, M. Shadows, Tom Morello
Don Quijote – Bad Assumption
They Will Know Us by How We Know Each Other – easternfault, Lexi Rama
Scum Trade – Gomer Pyle
A Curse for the Living – Wreck Totem
Pizza Slice Paradise – Browsing Collection
God King – Overthrone

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