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Heavy Rotation - New Releases in Metal & Hard Rock Updated Weekly & Refreshed Each Month


Heavy Rotation - New Releases in Metal & Hard Rock Updated Weekly & Refreshed Each Month


Last month had some great Metal & Hard Rock releases and this month should be as amazing. Updated Weekly, with the best, Metal-Hard Rock, New Releases and Fresh Finds selected from 26 Metal & Hard Rock genres. 

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Tracks Added

I Am Broken Too – Killswitch Engage
Ruin The Smile – The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Sassafras Manassas Ass – .gif from god
The Kingdom Solicitude – Lacrimas Profundere
Cel Rogent – Foscor
Heart in Hand – Opeth
Ghost Ship – Arrowhead
Still Winning – Intervals
Prototype – Unprocessed
Death Is a Promise – Meltdown, Flo Landmvrks
Counterfeit – Wolves At The Gate
Disenchant – Auras
Mutinous – Oh, Sleeper
Chemical – Thousand Below
Aurora – Shellz
Eastern Spirits – Gyze
The Violence – Asking Alexandria
Silverseal – Elvenking
Loneliness – Underoath
No Cure – Capture
High//Low – Deadships
Narcissistic Paraphilia – Devourment
The Eye – Domination Inc.
In Your Image – Drown This City
Im Morgengrauen – Elder
Clarity – ENMY
My Time – Exhorder
Demoness – HYVMINE
Path to Destruction – In Search of Solace
Break Me Down – John Wolfhooker
Wolfpack – Life Right Now
Hate at First Sight – Mind Key
Dad Rock – Mosaic
Baptist – Paradise Now
Self Inflicted – Renounced
Untitled – Sanction
The Orb – Temptress
No Road Too Long – Terror
Shoog Shoog – The HU
Eternal Night – The Night Eternal
Lovesick – The Offering
Shaking off the Disease – The Oklahoma Kid
Hypenation – The World I Knew
Roxana, The Great – Visionatica
Mushroom Song – WAIT
If I Can't Have You – Our Last Night
Shape Your Reality – NorthTale
Can't Stop Rock & Roll – The New Roses
Reminder – Torche
From a Chemist's Point of View – Empty
Mess Like Me – Foxblood
Krasitam – Treehouse Burning, Estian Smith
The Ascension – The Fourth Law
Pieces – Damage Vision
The Fiery Seas and Icy Winds – ShadowStrike
Arrow – Perceptions
Legion – Sovereign
Off Limits – Cerberus
Dove and Fist – Stick To Your Guns
Modern Problems – Victims Aren't We All
Covariance – Ambers
Blinded – Alien Weaponry
Monument – Counterparts
On the Wings of Defeat – Blacks0n
Imitator – HYVMINE
Sick Statistic – Year of the Knife
Dynamite Symphony – Charlie Parra del Riego, Devadip Chunga, Oliver Castillo
Said & Done – Bad Omens
The Pride of Sin – A Perfect Being
Rainbow Fades – Wear Your Wounds
Woke up in Babel – Breath After Coma
True Defeat – Death Before Dishonor
Peyote – Nonverbal Codes
Error in Facade – Willzyx
Who I Am – Wage War
Our Happy Home – Artificial Silence
Heroes of the Dawn – Visions of Atlantis
Zero Gravity – Turilli, Lione Rhapsody
Duality – Intervals
Make America Hate Again – Thy Art Is Murder
Charlotte – Brand of Sacrifice
You Are the Air That I Breathe - Single Version – Narnia
Waiting Room for the Magic Hour – Sacri Monti
Anger Breeds Contempt – Immortal Bird
The Artifex – Abbath
World War X – Carnifex
The World In Colour – Bad/Love, Marcus Bridge
Lair Hill – It Prevails
Infinitum – Attacking the Vision
FLATLINE – As Lions And Lambs
DESOLATE – As Lions And Lambs
Curse of the Black Pearl – Census
The Sixth Call – Changing Tides
The Fires We Made – Chino Marin
This Is a War – Gandhi's Gun
COEXIST – coldrain
Stargazer – Damnation Defaced
Awake – Dear Agony
Oblivion – Deep as Ocean
Longclaw – Earth Eater
Cephalic Anomaly – Ecliptic Vision
Conquer This Climb – Flaw
Visions of an Epileptic Eye – Foray Between Ocean
Anxiety – Gatecreeper
Last One Lost – House of Hatchets
Popeye – Jamie Lenman
Death Blooms – Livealie
Fall in Line – Living Scars
Shadows – Materia
Listener – Mountain Fires
Yorha – No One Knows What The Dead Think
Ikiruoste – Northern Genocide
Ten Years – Northern Remains
646965 – Omophagia
No Virtue – Order 66
Path You've Earned – Outsider
Ghost Dance – Óværa
On Whom the Sword Shall Fall – Raventhorn
Pages from a Manuscript – Second to Sun
The Offering – Sleep Token
Anima – Stain the Canvas
Dreamcatcher, Pt. II – State Faults
Не Зная Страха – Thundercats
Guardians of Time – TraumeR
Towers – We Lost The Sea
I Hate My Friends – wlots
Hill of Swords – Brand of Sacrifice
Claw Marks – Brand of Sacrifice
Stay Broken – Drown This City
The Dawn Will Whisper – The Occultation Project, Björn Strid
Divide – ExitWounds
Im Namen der Krähe – Erdling, Robse Dahn
Teenage Dirtbag – The Animal In Me
Gravedigger – Blindside
Unleashed – Killswitch Engage
Early Grave – The Contortionist
Parasite – Betraying The Martyrs
You'll Never Find Me – Korn
Paragons of Virtue – Hesitation Wounds
Fradga – Humanity's Last Breath
One against the World – Hammerfall
Admission – Torche
Miles Apart – War Of Ages
When The Woods Were Young – He Is Legend
They Never Spoke – Throes
Not Who We Are – Ivy Crown
The Demoness – Auras
See Me – Mind Power, Cory Brandan
Devourer – Bloodred Hourglass
Confident Prick – Holy Beach
Great War – Sabaton
Wouldn't You Rather – Alter Bridge
The Island – Oh, Sleeper
Shout Down – I Revolt
The Rising Dragon - Reiwa – Gyze, Marc Hudson
Red Sky – Aviana
Smoke You Out – Self Deception
Burn It Down – Silverstein, Caleb Shomo
Low Man – Cable
True Ability – Nomad Stones
Tired Tiger – Scumback
Draugers March – HAVAMAL
The Strive – Elusion
Stand As One – Majesty
There's Blood on the Streets – Victims
Made With Hate – Prophets Of Rage
Deadbeat – Dearly Departed
Splitting Hairs/Spitting Teeth – Centrilia
Oxidion – Ravenouse
Red Giant – Trayen Burke
Disconnect – GraveBound
The End – Widmore
City in a Snow Globe – Before Their Eyes
Embers – Thenighttimeproject
With the Stars – And Then There Were None
Event Horizon – Vi
Black Snow – Gina Goes Wild
Fallen Worlds – Art Nation
Glass – Militant Me
Heritage – Dream Awake
Lost at Last – Left to Suffer
Phantom Pain – Gravemind
Kids with Guns – Nemesea
Astypalea – Deaf Radio
Don't Give In – Cro-Mags
False Flags – Chaos Divine
Pieces – Bloodred Hourglass
Help Inflicted – Patient Sixty-Seven
Malevolent Enslavement – Signs of the Swarm
The Birth of Tragedy – Victims
Absolution – Ashbringer
Serpent – Sleeping Giant
Havoc – Lenore Cult
Where We Came From – Afterglow
Spiritus Cactus – The Aristocrats
Fireflies – Make Way for Man
Final Light – Thenighttimeproject
Incest in the Herd – Holy Beach
Scarcity – Portrayal of Guilt

New Tracks

Solway Firth – Slipknot
Acacius – Hills Have Eyes
Drown – My Favourite Nemesis
Empty & Hollow – And Hell Followed With
Eschatology – Walking Across Jupiter
Fools Gold – Nemesea
Sacrilegious – Sharks In Your Mouth
The Bastard Son – Monolord
Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory – Knocked Loose
[Mind Over Mind] – Norma Jean
Eventide – Wrvth
Devil Dogs – Sabaton
Only the Damned Die Young – Repentance
Strychnine Shift – Cognizance
Mirrors – Fit For An Autopsy
From Hell – Casket Robbery
Maximum Beta – Hammerhands
Thanatophobia – Voice Of Ruin
22 – Circuit of Suns
Mistakes – Vitja
I Hate Me – Taking Meds
Monday Man – Phoxjaw
Echo – Kála
Нож – [Amatory], RAM
Ultra Violence – Wolf Skin
Path to Destruction – In Search of Solace
One More Night – Archetypes Collide
Maa martona makaa – Vorna
Lucid – Termina
Flare of Defiance – Veio
Five Years – Parkwood
Weisser Müll – Phoenix aus der Klapse, Swiss & Die Andern, Ferris MC
Elevation (feat. White Dove) – Valis Ablaze, White Dove
Before I Break – Subxero
Savior – Hollow City
Hurricane – Convictions
Break Me Down – Sleeping With Sirens
Replacing Every Weakness – Chamber
Hammer (Comes Down) – David Ellefson, Thom Hazaert, Chris Poland, Mark Tremonti, Eric AK
Last Empty Tradition – Falls of Rauros
Giv Alting Op – Halshug
Medicine – Through Fire
Last Hallelujah – Scott Stapp
Faith in Failure – Cobra Czar
Vulture – Our Sorrows
Between the Lines – Impale
Memorial – Nothing Gold
Monarch – Subxero
Diminishing Returns – Circuit of Suns
Gloom – Allegiance
Dissimulation – Andromida
Path of Salvation – Hypersonic
Monumental Rift – Under Aegis
Seeking – Perfect Limbs
Velodrome – Black Sleep
Ultra – My Diligent Future
Long Distance Shortcut – Ghost Heart
kdyŽ – Suffer Age
CONFESSIONS - Radio Edit – BEARERS, Jamie McLees
Lucy – Distinguisher
Hard Rain – Gravemind
Very Wise – Horses In Transit
My Fight – Strength Betrayed
Leech – Somewhere to Call Home
Unobtainable – Awake At Last
Smoke Signals – Obey The Brave
BLURRY (out of place) – Crown The Empire
Don't Wait for Me – TheCityIsOurs
Red Clouds – Scott Stapp
Walk the Line – Flaw
We Will Rise – Tungsten
All Animal – Through Fire
I See You in Me – As I May
Dawn of the Dragonstar – Twilight Force
Problems – Stitched Up Heart
Cheapside Sloggers (feat. Gary Holt) – Volbeat, Gary Holt
Penance – Uniform, The Body
Play Pretend – Being As An Ocean
Concerto for Guitar and Computer – Shwesmo
Betrayal – Destruction
Use Me – Wither
Dead Weight – Fear Of Domination
M.E.T.A.L. – Freedom Call
Cryptoubiquity – Wormed
Wings of Steel – Burning Witches
The Flood – Cabin Boy Jumped Ship
Seth – The Unguided
Manifest Reality – Sacred Reich
Levitate – Sleep Token
All We Have Is Now – Koen Herfst, Mendel
Grow – Thom Pankhurst
Nostalgia – Maroon Valley, Adieu, Jacob Umansky, Sithu Aye
Melting Eyes – VAK
Milano – Russian Circles
I Am Broken Too – Killswitch Engage
Tempt – Stark
Dead Machine – Egypt Central

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