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Heavy Rotation Nov: 339 tracks of Metal/Hard Rock New Releases!!


Heavy Rotation Nov: 339 tracks of Metal/Hard Rock New Releases!!


Heavy Rotation

I'm a graphic designer who also has a passion for curating playlists & creating the cover art. Heavy Rotation is Updated Weekly, with the best, Metal-Hard Rock, New Releases and Fresh Find selected from over 25 Metal & Hard Rock genres. 

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All The Tracks Added to Date

Odin's Fire – Stormwarrior
Metal Division – Mystic Prophecy
Snowbound – Drift into Black
Other Voices, Other Rooms – Earth Moves
Massachusetts – Exxasens
Svalbard – South Harbour, eif
Asger Arisen – Shadow Limb
Renew – Necropanther
The Body Cosmic – Iapetus
Flower Crown – Ether Coven
My Demons Can't Sleep – Temperance
Break – Classic Jack
Mother Moon – Auralist
After All – Our Mirage
All Shall Burn – Eleine
As Above so Below – Tenside
Break Free (Theme from Rai) – A Sound of Thunder
Connect the Goddamn Dots – The Monolith Deathcult
1/24/18 – Dead/Awake
Death Atlas – Cattle Decapitation
Desert Coffin – Solace
Died Enough for You – Blind Channel
Earth and Ash – Leeched
Echoes of Hate – Royal Deceit
Embersólyom - Kaláka – Thy Catafalque
E X I T – Division Of Mind
Blut – Lindemann
MEI – a crowd of rebellion
Dreams Gone Wrong – Cyhra
Eternity of Empty – Left Behind
Dear Astronomer – Valiant Hearts
Ossuary Rituals – Fleshcrawl
Genesis XIX – Sodom
Out of the Hollow – Skyblood
Pagan Saviour – Black Royal
Popular Monster – Falling In Reverse
Prince of Disgust – Svarttjern
Slow Burning – Despised Icon
Frostbite – Spoil Engine
Ride on the Wild Side – Running Wild
Worlds Apart – Tygers Of Pan Tang
Shake the Baby Silent – Lordi
Shuriken Shutdown – Victorius
Spilled Blood Never Dries – Jasta, kirk Windstein
Stones – Marko Hietala
Straight to Hell – Ozzy Osbourne
Sugarcoated Psychosis – Deadlights
Under Ice – Crystal Viper
The Entire History of You – Stepson
Worship the Wolf – Blood Eagle
True – Rage
Ultra Magnus – Watch Out Stampede
Uni – Atlas
Santa Muerte – Lord Mantis
Obacht – Die Krupps
I Will Depart – Abigail Williams
Warrior Heart – Blood Region
Toxic Waste – Void Vator
I Always Go All-In – Signum Regis
Blackout – What We Do In Secret
The Cake Mix Drug Bust – The Sound That Ends Creation
Unleash the Dragon – Magic Kingdom
The Conqueror – Metal De Facto
The Giza Power Plant – Blood Incantation
Less – Diploid
Lay Me Down – Avatarium
In the Blue Glow of Dawn, Pt. 3 – Hypno5e
My Master, My Sword, My Fire – King
Morir en Tu Boca – Xeria
Beneath One – Vatican
Better off Dead – A War Within
Die For The Government – Sharptooth
Easy Go – Classic Jack
No Reverse – Nevertel
Glasshearts – The Disaster Area
Racist – Kingaling
Trema – Storm{O}
Losing Weight – Cloud Rat
The Endless Hunger of a Convenient God – Malevich
Further from Salvation – Deathwhite
Demon – Savage Hands
Head of the Snake – The Murder of My Sweet
Succumb – Seven Spires
Caving In – Kirra
Mother Bohemia – Pyogenesis
Someone You Loved – Our Last Night, I See Stars, The Word Alive, Ashland
Super Sonic Samurai – Victorius
Freeborn – Stormwarrior
Prometheus – Fjords
Enemy – A Life Divided
Abaddon – Advocates
Awaken – Transgressions
Empty Eyes – A Long Way To Fall
Sledgehammer – Once Human
Goodbye Divinity – Sons Of Apollo
Becoming the Nightmare – Andy Gillion
Love Me to Death – Suicide Silence
Murder – Raised Fist
For the Record – Lionheart
Darkness Has Called My Name – Verdun
EcceTorment – In Mute
Den Helige Anden – Vildhjarta
Time Bomb – Hollywood Undead
Into Eternity – Lost Society, Apocalyptica
Wildfire – Valiant Hearts, Philip Strand
Estrella Fugaz – Tomás Russo
Golem – Septa
Into That Good Night – Hanging Garden
The Gift of Annihilation – I, Conqueror
Resilience – April 21st, Drey Henrique
Descent – Raventhorn
One Second – Delain
In Darkness – Neverlight
Gone with the Wind – Nibiru Ordeal
Castle Bravo – Arimea
Chapter 1 - Anne Boleyn: The Courtship – Ex Libris
Reborn – Strife from Within
Pray for the Emperor – Heliocentric
For You – Dispositions
Breath – Jake Howsam Lowe
A step in the morning glow – envy
Trial By Fire – Saul
Outlaws & Outsiders – Cory Marks, Travis Tritt, Ivan Moody, Mick Mars
Raven's Flight – Mob Rules
Face of Stone – Meshiaak
I Had Your Back – Cyhra
Unbreakable – Despised Icon
This Is Hell – Lorna Shore
Before I Wake – Lionheart, Mr. Jet Black
Medicine – Spoil Engine
Home of My Misery – Hyperborea
When Thousand Hearts – Krater
No Return – Scarleth
Sun and Moon – Abigail Williams
Into the Black – Like Moths To Flames
Lonely Nights – Jorn
Xenophile – Zao, Joseph Milligan
When I Get Out – Lionheart
Havoc (Re-Recorded 2019) – SuidAkrA
The Silence – Shame Spiral
Knebel – Lindemann
To Persist or Adhere – Krosis
Venomous – Raised Fist
Spoils of War – Sons Of Texas
1X1 – All Them Witches
The Clash – It Lives, It Breathes
Panspermia – Andromida
Into the Void – Celldweller
Ludens – Bring Me The Horizon, Death Stranding: Timefall
Grey – Lethvm
Paranoia – Hostile Array
T.U.T.Y.L. – Take Us to Your Leader
Serkland – Leaves' Eyes
Monster – Second to Sun
Dentist Vs Pharmacist – Stimmerman
Lonely Ones – Ghost Spirit
Lueur – Slow
Cowards Run, Pt. III – Criminal Instinct
Sinverted – Beyond Awareness
When It All Comes Down – The Dark Element
How to Successfully Implode – Blame Zeus
The Gallic Hourglass – Ade
Culmination – Esoteric
Ultraterrestrial Creation – Immanifest
Wanted Man – Mammoth Mammoth
Three White Feet – Bask
Djazz hands – I DUDDITZ
Nightmare of Wolves – Wolfbrigade
Fame And Miss Fortune – Otherwise
Stay Alive – TIMELESS
My Declaration – Bayless
Kingdoms – Bound to the Anchor
You'll Never Know – Ocean Sleeper
Rotting in Paris – Heathens
Malady – Domes
Prisoner's Elegy – Signum Regis
Orbit – Lunar
The Cycle Starts Again – Lunar
Hostile – Silence Before the Storm
Imhotep – Gerry Trevino
Gravedigger – Life and Limb
Well of Salvation – Vandor
Fatigue – The Nadir Parallel, James Barbosa
Amongst Blackening Skies – Nightland
Shamefaced – Deadweather, Matthew McDougal
Heather – Windrunner
Unravel – Neverlight
Krakatoa – Hibakusha
Set on Vengeance – No Good Deed
Agony – Heart of Man
So Called War – Heartless Forever
The Aeonian Shift – Mendel
Lost – Our Last Night
Foe Or Friend – Bad Wolves
Breathe – Telltale
Bad Dream – Ivy Crown, Kadeem France
Farewell – Aburden
Here Forever – Holding Absence
Silhouette – What We Do In Secret
Eulogy – The Veer Union
All We Have – Prospective
Bright Lights – Crystal Viper
City of Ghosts – Meshiaak
Cloud Cascade – Invent, Animate
Helldogs – Fallbrawl, Florian Waltemathe
Death Portrait – Lorna Shore
Death Ritual (feat. Nate Rebolledo & Armand John Anthony) – The Warriors, Nate Rebolledo, Armand John Anthony
Crossfire – Otherwise
Sleep Life Away – Ocean Sleeper
Dream In Motion – kirk Windstein
The Sweet Whore of Babylon – Stoned Jesus
Dead Silence – Agnostic Front
The Devil in Sheepskin – To The Grave
Ego Sum Omega – Schammasch
He Is the One – Raven Black
Fragile – Alterant, Andy Cizek
I Am Here – Watch Out Stampede
In Dreams – Esoterica
In the Shadows – Bombus
Isolation – Sepultura
Emerge – The Hunting Project
Raida – Second to Sun
War Feeds War – Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra
Masochist – Polaris
Masquerade of Madness – King Diamond
Rock Ain't Dead – Davey Suicide
Serpent as Time Reveals – The Spirit
Shadow // Self – Where Oceans Burn
Bent Until Fracture – Hideous Divinity
Sinister Thoughts – TreBell08
Somebody Else – Novelists FR
Star Faux – Traverser
Fire Untamed – Wolfbrigade
The Void – Saint Raven
Under the Graveyard – Ozzy Osbourne
If You Want Peace (Prepare for War) – Pretty Maids
World – Edge Of Paradise
Venomous – Skinlab
Vision 2020 Vision – Die Krupps
We Are the Storm – Oceans
Burn from the Lion – The Warriors
Stare – LIMBS
Sanctuary Dub – Saudade, Ho99o9
Orphan Twin – Norma Jean
Born Rotten – Atena
How It Ends – Cevilain
When the Contagion Is You – Jasta, Matthew K. Heafy
The Heist – Teramaze
Not Your Monster – The Dark Element
Mean Brain – Sharptooth
Strength to Draw the Line – Jasta, Jesse Leach
Empire – Ade
Sleeping Ambassadors of the Sun – Wilderun
We Are Cursed – Nile
Apotropaic – Dawn of Disease
Escape – Shaping the Legacy
Fight the World – Fire From The Gods
Double Down – Stray From The Path, Matt Honeycutt
PIGS EAR – Emmure
The Absolute Center - Single Edit – Stake
Born Feet First – Lionheart
DNR – Dead/Awake
Freaks – Lotus Eater, Freddie Sunshine
I Remember – Agnostic Front
Fuel for Fire – EXA
Killing Me – Ocean Sleeper
Regret. Rewind. Retry. – Exposed to Noise
Lightning – British Lion
Coração Não Tem Idade (Vou Beijar) [feat. Toy] – Trivium, Toy
Love You Without No Lies – Silvertomb
Melatonin – Sleep Waker
Adagio – Novembers Doom
The Summary – Rising Insane
PSA (feat. Ryo Kinoshita) – Afterlife
Rise – Apocalyptica
Kings – Clint Lowery
Sin & Guilt – Une Misère
Sickness Divine – Red Death
Tongues – CABAL
Snake Pit Mating Frenzy – Nile
Losing Sleep – Our Last Night
What We Have Done – Nebula Orionis
Compromis – Turpentine Valley
1984.2 – Eigenstate Zero
Child Of Gold – Sentryturn
Beyond Death – In Mute
Hellspawn – Obscure Mantra
Equivalent Exchange – Mantar Bhandal, Magnifuego
Imperator – Ade
Doped up Salvations – Stake
Banality – Farthest Outpost
Hit the Ground – Allies Always Lie
Turn Another Leaf – Awake In Time
Mammon – Frank Needs Help, Ryan Kirby
Dark Matter – Voraflux
Elevate Your Mind – Niclas Grobolsek
Feed – Deadlast
Dust into Dust – Nothing Left
From Nothing – Ire & Uprise
Calcifer Reborn – Suros
Avarice – Artifiction
The Good Life – Summit
Zwischen den Worten – Krater
Future War Suite – Enhanced Replications
Bar Cinzia – Snakeoil
Overdose – Phantom Club Music
Scars – As we Burn
Launch Gone Wrong – I AT LAST
Collapse – FILL THE VOID
The Tide – Steal The Universe
Zapruder – Insvrgence
God And Kings – American Grim
Ocean of Another – Counterparts
Human – Anavae
The Consumerist – Bad Wolves
Midsommar – Coronatus
Rehab – Eskimo Callboy
Beneath The Surface – Stray From The Path
Trust – Fire From The Gods
Light Pillars – I Built the Sky
Pausing Death – Jinjer
Star – King
Still Wrath – Novembers Doom
The Secret of Drowning – NY in 64
JUNKIE$ – Ocean Grove
Picking At Bones – Otherwise
Break the Cycle – Fire From The Gods
Kiss of the Cobra King - New Version 2019 – Powerwolf
Destitute Demense – A Feasting Beast
Fallen Eyes – Une Misère
Vainglory – Victims
Guns! Guns! Guns! – Violation Wound
Severomance – Voyager
Weightless Light – Woodhawk
Sincerely, Garroted – Wounded Touch
The First Will Be Last – Stray From The Path

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