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Help me with the 'Sad and Dreamy' playlist


Help me with the 'Sad and Dreamy' playlist

I started a playlist I'll be updating once a month.

Recommend some songs?


88 Replies

Hi there,

You might want to check out weekly curated playlist below - lots of sad & dreamy songs here.

Ughh I love my **bleep** valentine, you should add To Here Knows When by them. Also this one -

**bleep** this site is ridiculous it censored a band name.

Hey Riley, here's my latest release. I think it falls under the title 'Sad and Dreamy' hope you like it. Cheers!

I'm not sure about the music genres you're trying to find to fit in this playlist, but I feel like the title matches with this song: which is one of my favorites, and it's amazing in Birdy's voice 🙂

There's about 100 songs on this playlist that is perfect for your 'Sad and Dreamy' playlist. Check it out!


Late Night Vibes Playlist


Listen and follow me, Tell me what do you think about my music

Check out 'Dreams Are Just Dreams'

Oh **bleep** i fell behind.  Will listen to everything asap! Thanks for helping everybody!

This is my multi-genre vibe! sort by recently added for the latest feel good tunes. Look forward to exploring all of your tastes as well.


Also my study playlist which is more ambient and chill, perfect for relaxing or studying.

@rexthurstan this is great! thanks so much for the recommendation!

@RobAutio this is so good! not a great fit for this playlist but definitely some others.  Thanks for sharing your stuff!

@buddiliso thanks!

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