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Help me with the 'Sad and Dreamy' playlist


Help me with the 'Sad and Dreamy' playlist

I started a playlist I'll be updating once a month.

Recommend some songs?


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Hello, @rileyriley


Here are some of my favorite songs that fit into this category:

• Missing You by Lo Nightly

• Let It All Go by Birdy

• All We Do by Oh Wonder

I hope you like them as much as I do! 


- Emily 🙂 


listened to all three and they're a little different then what im going for on this playlist but thanks anyways! i appreciate it!

Sounds great, Kiey! Thanks for sharing.

Hi RileyRiley!

I have two songs fitting your playlist to my opinion. I'd be glad if you take a look and like to hear your comment about these songs too. 🙂




Hey there Riley, here is a song I think you should consider, it's quite an unknown artist too, but most of his vibes are Sad, Dream, Alternative, Postpunk

I love it! thank you!

Living with shadows is definitely going on my next update to the playlist. thanks for sharing!

@Errfan not a great fit but thanks

serious sad vibes you got there. followed.

need new submissions!

beautiful! thanks for sharing!

My pleasure. Thank you

will definitley use if i think the playlist needs to switch it up more. thanks for sharing!

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