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Help me with the 'Sad and Dreamy' playlist


Help me with the 'Sad and Dreamy' playlist

I started a playlist I'll be updating once a month.

Recommend some songs?


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Don't know if this fits but my song "Brave" might work?


Maybe one of my songs on my latest EP will fit?
Its pretty dreamy.



@vatocado thanks for sharing! I love it.

I released this song about a month ago. It is very melancholic; it off those late night kind of vibes. The beat is calm and it meshes well with the lyrics. Here is also the music video to it. Hope you would consider adding it and listening/following. Thanks!! 

thanks for sharing! Its not right for this playlist but if I make an R&B one it will absolutely go on it!


My name is Kigan,  here's a single  from a twenty-one year old singer and songwriter raised in D.C. With tantalizing deep vocals and axe in hand, Winzday Love lyrics captivate listeners, inviting them into a state of cosmic soul consciousness with punk rock accents


Kigan Jo


Hope you like some of this tracks !


Antonia Navarro - Ciudades

I love your list. This Will Destroy You got me through college. I see a lot of my songwriting influnces on here but not sure if anyone would make that connection based on the differences in approaches to production. I believe the lyrics in the song fit your sad and dreamy pretty well, hope you enjoy it!

Hey there, 

Maybe you will consider this new single, 
I think you could appreciate it

@antonkling I love it! Thanks!

Thanks for sharing your playlist Sad and Dreamy. I'm currently putting together a similar sounding playlist, so, here's a couple of song recommendations that I've added to mine. 


  • Ruby Haunt - Destroyer
  • Tame Impala - Powerlines
  • Radiohead - The Numbers
  • HOMESHAKE - Another Thing
  • Chelou - Halfway to Nowhere

love all the suggestions! putting together the sad and dreamy vol. 2 update!  feel free to drop more links!

I feel like this song would fit right in! Sad and Dreamy is right up my alley!

Hi There! My band just released this new sad and dreamy shoegaze song called "so What" which I think could be a nice addition to your playlist.



I don't know if this is what you're looking for but its what i consider sad and dreamy 


Hi there! If you're still looking for submissions/ideas, we've got a song that I think would fit the mood.

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