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Helping out Undiscovered but Talented Artists in this list! support them by following!


Helping out Undiscovered but Talented Artists in this list! support them by following!

Started this list to give a platform to new and smaller artists with a lot of tallent. share your own songs and give the list a follow for their hard work!

12 Replies

Thank you,


Here's my song 'Ships', hope you like it.




Gerr Walsh


Nice Song,

I added it to my playlist. You have also some great playlists on your side. I´m folloing you. As John Peach I have an albumrelease on the 20th of September...

And here is my playlist, you might like it...

Thank you Slowfox, 


LOVE your playlist, some real beauties on there, thank you for adding me, I look forward to hearing the album - followed John Peach too.



Great playlist! I’m following.

you should listen and add these songs from Matilda Sabina, she’s awesome and is at the moment recording a lot for future releases.

Playlist has been followed,


My band Ten Easy Payments just released an album last Friday, this is my favorite single from it. Expect a blend of Progressive rock and Jazz.


Enjoy my new single, Blessings 🙏

Awesome idea! Following!


Would be curious to know what you think about this...


Hey I would love if you could check out my first song love your playlist and followed it!

Hey guys go check us out and drop a follow! It would be greatly appreciated. I’m following all the playlists on this list!

Just dropped a new song today called "A lifetime" check it out and let me know what you think. Feel free to add it to your playlist



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