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House Music Playlist


House Music Playlist

Hey everyone,


This playlist was originally created to center House music, but I got carried away as I began to add more and more songs to fit the vibe. From that, the playlist morphed into a combination of electronic, house, amapiano (very lightly touched on), and afro-pop music. In this case, I chose to highlight all sorts of talented artists from the African & Black diaspora because why not?


Some of my favorite artists that have been included in this playlist are Channel Tres, Kaytranda, and Blood Orange whom I greatly appreciate - they are truly carving out unique lanes and names for themselves. I found myself dancing to this all day while doing online work, cleaning, cooking dinner and imagine it'll fit a ton more situations.


I'd love to see if and how folks rock with the playlist. Any feedback on the listen would be very much appreciated, enjoy! 🙂


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