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How do you select your first song of the day


How do you select your first song of the day

Hi all,


I'm curious how you select your first song of the day. I start listening to my playlist called new [René]. Today it looks like this: New [René]


I update this list every day. So I add and remove a song each day. The songs stay about 7 to 10 days in this list. After I listened to a song for a week I know if really love a song or not.


How do you select your first song?




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Good question. Got me thinking. . .


It largely depends on how I feel. I don't really have planned listenings, like I'm going to boot up my machine and listen to this playlist on Mondays.


What usually happens is one of these:

1. I begin off with recently found favourites.

2. I hit play on some of my biggest favourites. Strangely often it's this one that gets the first play of the day:
(I am ok, I think)

3. I start listening to some new tunes from Discover Weekly/Release radar/some other playlist.

Me not listening to music for longer than one evening means I'm probably dead. : )

SebastySpotify Star
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Oftentimes the first song I listen to in the day is one of the tracks that I added most recently to my “music” playlist (my playlist with no genre filter that contains all the tracks in my other playlists, plus some other tracks that I haven’t categorized into a genre playlist). In relistening to these tracks a few times, I can check and make sure that I really want them in my playlist(s).


Other days, the first track that I listen to is one that I have stuck in my head in the morning.


On other days, it’s a Monday or a Friday so I check my Discover Weekly or Release Radar and see if there’s anything interesting there first thing in the morning (or night, if I’m awake past midnight, which happens all too often).


On other days, after checking the recent scrobbles of people I follow on, I see something that I like that I haven’t listened to in a while, so I listen to that first.


On other days, I feel like I want to listen to a certain genre, so I head over to one of my genre playlists and select a track that sounds good. Then I usually pick a few more tracks from the playlist and add them to the queue for listening to next.


On other days, I’ve checked Spotify’s recommendations on the Discover tab (“Top recommendations for you”) or Home page (“Album picks”), and saw something that looks promising, so I listen to that first.


On other days, I’ve seen someone I follow on Spotify in the Friend Activity sidebar listening to something that I haven’t heard of before, so I clicked on it and saw that the genre is something that I like, and I listen to a track by that artist first.


In summary, I don’t have a strict rule of what I listen to first; it depends on if I’ve added tracks recently to my “music” playlist (usually), whether I have a good song stuck in my head or a preference for a certain genre playlist when I wake up, and if I’ve recently checked Spotify or for recommendations and found something that sounds promising.

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Hi @Sebasty,




Also that would be a brilliant new idea, spotify should call 911 if heavy listeners don't connect to spotify for a day 😀




Hi @AdamDam,


Thanks for sharing!




Good question! I often start listening to music before I get out of the bed, it's my way of telling my body to WAKE UUUP! 


I guess I either put on songs I'm considering or have chosen for my latest playlist-project - or I put on my playlist representing my latest hang-ups or songs I'm checking out. These are songs that sometimes stays on the list for months, and sometimes they're quickly moved to other playlists or just deleted. 

This is what the list looks like today:

Following 😉

Hey! This is a great question!

Every month I make a new playlist, which I add music to as I discover it, repeating the process on the 1st of the next month! Helps keep things fresh for me, and lets me revisit the kind of mindset I was in during the month that I originally made it since I usually form some sort of emotional connection to the music I listen to 🙂

I like to listen to songs that I'm very familiar with at first as well I think, I like to be able to sing along haha

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