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I Want Your Original Halloween Music! NOT YOUR PLAYLISTS.


I Want Your Original Halloween Music! NOT YOUR PLAYLISTS.

EDIT TO SAY: I'm looking for original Halloween music from Spotify artists- NOT YOUR PLAYLISTS. I have my own playlists.


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. As an adolescent I made my own Halloween haunts. Much later, as an adult and involved in the new technology of streaming media, I programmed three different Halloween themed radio stations. Now that I'm on Spotify, I'm making Halloween playlists. But I don't just want to copy all the other Halloween playlists out there. I want to involve all the other Halloween lovers out there. If you make spooky, scary, atmospheric, rocking, lighthearted, or silly Halloween music, I want your music in my playlists! Please post links to your songs here.

Right now I have two playlists ready, but I'll be creating more.

NIGHT MAGIC (HALLOWEEN ATMOSPHERE) features dark soundscapes and melodies evoking the Halloween spirit. You can check it out here:


HELLFIRE MUSIC (HALLOWEEN ROCKERS) features pure rocking music with a dark theme.

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I make dark Ambient music some of which is like Midnight Syndicate. I would love it if you check it out. Use any of it if you like. Thanks!

@shaneallendunn -- hello! And welcome to Spotify chat! Thanks for replying to my topic. I'm listening to your music right now and digging it. I'm definitely adding many tracks to several of my playlists. I also followed your profile, and look forward to future releases!

@GlitchMcGuffin - those are some cool Halloween playlists! Thanks for sharing them. What I'm actually looking for in this thread are original songs from artists here on Spotify, to put in my Halloween playlists.


Here's my Halloween song.  Spooky but fun and catchy.

@yseki - thank you! This is a wonderful Halloween song, and is exactly the type of thing I was looking for. I've added it to my HELLFIRE MUSIC playlist.

Hi. I see this is this post id from 2021 but I'm super excited about my songs and want to share! I seriously hope you like these songs. The Creeps Unite EP is raucous, lo-fi, punk vibes - dedicated to all the creeps & ghouls of Halloween. Comes from my love for The Misfits & The Spits, a decade of 80s horror movies & the most extravagant Halloweens imaginable. Hope you dig it!

Artist: Maggot House
Release: Creeps Unite EP

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