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I am curating an emotional piano playlist

I am curating an emotional piano playlist

I am curating a piano playlist featuring beautiful piano works from different composers and I'd like to share it with this community:

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Hola Joan! Muy interesante emprendimiento! Ahora mismo te envio un mensaje privado al respecto. Por cierto, estare por tu tierra en enero. Juan Maria

Hola Juan,

Gracias por tu mensaje. Acabo de aceptar tu solicitud de amistad. Espero tu mensaje.



que raro, for some reason the system says that i reached the maximum amount of messages I could send (which is strange since i dont send any since long).

te envio un mensaje entonces por facebook


Si, me puedes contactar por Facebook


Me has enviado el mensaje por Facebook? Es que no he recibido nada todavia

Espero que te guste y encaje en la playlist 🙂


Follow me

Hi, I am an Spanish 21 years old piano composer.


I would really appreciate if you can check my piano to your playlist, I know I am not Chopin, but my single is full of feelings and I think you will love it!


Thanks for your appreciated time. 


Mauro Solana

Beautiful playlist!


Have you checked out 'The Moonlit Castle' album by Kevin Kerrigan?


It's all in this kind of mellow, reflective piano mood..   ("Starless Night" is a nice one)

hi, i wonder how to send you my music for your consideration to be added in your fantastic playlist? 😉



Consider submiting to my piano playlists as well:

Submissions only here:

- only instrumentals - no vocals here
- As in any other collaborative playlist, you must follow first to be able to submit (is not my condition, so works Spotify)
- please up to 2 tracks
- shorter tracks preferred
- Piano should be the only or main instrument
- Mainly classical / neoclassical / minimal music
- ambient tolerated, as long as piano is the main instrument
- virtual pianos (barely) tolerated
- Consider listening periodically this playlist
- Consider inviting your pianist friends to this playlists
- Consider following the other pianists on the playlist: they are your actual colleagues.
- Consider following a sharing a playlist you are included in (no "obligation" however)


best that you are concrete.

Nobody is going to ask you for details.

Send him the link to your track, period.

I have the playlist for you!! Please follow this playlist and I will follow you back 😄

Hey Babura, normaly I'm known in the community as playlist curator 😉 But I also make music myself. Please check out 'Resting Piece', a peaceful piano track with some inconspicuous orchestral sounds in the background.

Hi Babura,

If you still accept suggestions to your cool playlist, I would be honored if you consider my dreamy and emotional piano track. 🙂 Thank you.



if you are interested listen to my new album - last 12 years! -
Thank you

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