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I hope you like it


I hope you like it

Hello everyone. I have many playlists that I created based on mood and genre.

1. I don't have expertise in music theory, but I feel that there are some elements that define each playlist. I think by knowing those elements we can better appreciate those playlists, upgrade them, and even (who knows) improve Spotify suggestions. If you have that expertise and have the kindness to hear my playlists, and if you have liked them and perceived those elements, I will be glad if I could know them too.

2. Another request that I wish to make is if you know more top songs that can fit in some specific playlist, please share with me.

3. Or if you know some new playlist based on some new mood or genre that I couldn't find yet, please share with me too.

4. And also if you perceive that some playlists can be mixed in a new one (nevertheless I think the individual ones should still exist), please tell me which. To be honest, I think there can be some "periodic table" of music based on those moods and genres. I think it will be a nice way to visualize how far or near each playlist is connected to each other, and how to better create mixes of them.

5. Anyway, I wish to share my playlists with anyone who may like it. Maybe you can also find there new songs that you may like. By the way, there is a bit of Brazilian songs and genres in there.

I hope we share the same musical taste.

Thanks for your time. Here's the link to my profile:

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