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I'm New! Let's Exchange Playlists!

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Welcome! I'll be checking out & following your playlists. Here's one of mine & theres plenty more on my profile if you wanna check them out!

Sweet! That's so nice thanks! I'll definitely check this out!! Thanks again! :))

Hi, I just followed all 4 of them! Here´s mine if you want to check it out

Sure! Followed! I'll check it out! Thanks!!! :))

Welcome to Spotify!!!! 

your playlists are amazing 

i think you are going to like this playlist


Woah these are great thanks!! I'm the same way I've been making playlist for years and just now found out about all this! lolol I'll give these a listen!!

Awh thanks!! I spend ALOT of time on them lolol I'll definitely listen to this I already like a lot of those artists!

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